Sunday, 18 May 2014


Otherwise known as my 'face of the last 6 months'. Once I got out of the habit of blogging, I spent less and less time deliberating over what makeup to wear each day and simply reaching for my trusted favourites. I started working in February and since then, my no brainer routine has become essential.


Vichy Idealia BB Cream in Light
Ellis Faas Concealer in S202
Bourjois Healthy Mix Face Powder in Vanille
RBR Blusher in Gracilis

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base
GOSH Velvet Touch Liner in Truly Brown
RBR Magnitude Mascara in black

BECCA Ultimate Colour Gloss in Hummingbird

As you can see, I've managed to hit pan on Solstice Halcyon and my GOSH Truly Brown eyeliner is a veritable stump. Although I use the RBR blusher and BECCA gloss daily, I don't appear to have made a significant dent in either.

I am on my second tube of Ellis Faas concealer. I really like the formula but unfortunately both pens I've owned have come apart from use (you may spot that the base has fallen off). I also have slightly mixed feelings about the RBR Magnitude Mascara and NARS Smugdeproof Eyeshadow Base. The RBR mascara gives me really full, long lashes but the downside is that it bleeds into my under eye concealer mid-afternoon. The NARS primer is excellent at preventing creasing but I also find it tricky to blend over. My tube is empty now and I haven't decided yet whether to repurchase or try UDPP.

I started using Vichy Idealia BB Cream when my NARS tinted moisturiser started running low. It certainly doesn't provide as much coverage as the NARS and I do have to powder to avoid looking too 'glowy', but I find it excellent at quickly evening out redness. I love the Vichy scent too which reminds me of summer holidays of my teens.


We have one in and one out here. I only have a tiny scraping of the NARS tinted moisturiser left (sad face). I suspect this is an item I will repurchase in the future, although at the moment I am determined to make my next purchase a foundation rather than a tinted moisturiser. The Maybelline 24h Color Tattoo in Permanent Taupe is my most recent purchase. I must have super greasy lids as this creases on me if I don't wear it over a primer. I was disappointed by this, as I was hoping to use it as a primer on its own under eyeshadow.

Finally, I thought I'd share what's kept me away from beauty blogging - knitting! I graduated from crochet to knitting, so that I could make some cute dresses for Miss MB and then I just couldn't stop. Once I got the hang of it, I found knitting very relaxing and browsing wool and patterns is just as addictive for me as buying taupe eyeshadows. Unfortunately, it's impossible to blog and knit at the same time.



My colour choices in wool are freakishly similar to my taste in eyeshadows as you can probably see. Above is the Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light wool which I've just purchased from Loop Knitting to make a Vector Wrap (link to the pattern on Ravelry). Don't you think those colours would make a pretty eyeshadow palette?! Are their any other keen knitters out there?

DISCLOSURE: The RBR Magnitude Mascara and Vichy Idealia BB cream were received as PR samples.


  1. So good to "see" you again! I hope things are going well for you and the family :)

  2. What a delight to see you in my email again. I think about you often. I love that you've gotten into knitting since it's such a creative pastime. If you've never tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance and it's not too expensive there, that's my stand by for e/s primer.

  3. :) Whatever you post about, it is so nice to see you here!
    I wish I can master knitting! Sounds like such a great activity and useful hobby. I've tried to learn many times, but it seems beyond my skills.
    All those lovely neutral yarn shades! Those WOULD make excellent eye shadows.

  4. Good to see a beauty post again, but, as a fellow knitter, I understand! I see you have discovered my very favorite website, Ravelry! LOL Please 'friend' me there - I am 'grannyjannie'. LOVE Madelinetosh! I spend quite a bit of time on Ravelry these days, but it's just so fun!

  5. It is wonderful to see a beauty post by you again, but as a fellow knitter, I understand the attraction! LOL I see you have found Ravelry, the most wonderful website! Please 'friend' me there - I am 'grannyjannie'. I mostly knit shawls and cowls/eternity scarves, but occasionally dabble in other things. You cannot go wrong with Madelinetosh, now, can you? Right now I am gearing up for a fabulous knit-along experience on Ravelry - it is through the Boo Knits group/forum. Bev, the designer behind Boo Knits, lives somewhere in the UK, and knitters from all around the world are participating. It is actually a mystery knit, so we don't know exactly what the finished shawl will look like, but you absolutely cannot go wrong with a Boo Knits pattern. I have knit about five or six of her shawls so far, and each one is amazing. Hope to see you on Ravelry! ;)

  6. Welcome back! Solstice Halcyon looks perfect. I;m still working on pan hitting!

  7. So excited to see this post pop up on my bloglovin feed <3
    I can stalk you on ravelry, but do hope you can come back for an occasional blogpost once in a while, too -- I'll read about anything you write :)
    Some of my favourite things in this one post alone -- taupe, pink, Madtosh, Loop and PomPom! (er, not that I've made anything from PomPom, but I love their styling and browse through purely for the eyecandy)

  8. oh hi there :) I actually feel the same about that ellis faas packaging. both of my concealers had bad packaging but my lip products are fine. The formulation works the best for my under eye area and I am so sad that the packaging is so off putting. / Claire xxx

  9. You return!!! So pleased to hear from you again, I hope you and your family have been keeping well.
    I like the idea of a more streamlined makeup approach, I just never seem to manage it as new things keep grabbing my attention, the Surratt line is now on my radar as its popped up on liberty ;)
    I love the colour of your wool choices, I'd certainly buy a eyeshadow palette in those tones xx

  10. Funny, I used to read a lot of beauty blogs but have now gravitated over to sewing/knitting blogs myself. Lovely to see you blog though however infrequently!


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