Disclaimer and Blog Policies

General Disclaimer
I am not a professional Make Up artist, Beautician or Dermatologist. I'm just a women that has accumulated rather a lot of make up! I love talking about all things beauty related and I hope that what I write is interesting and useful. It is important to consider that my skin in normal and I don't have any sensitivities of note. I write in regards to how products work on my skin. As we are all different, just because something works for me, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work in the same way for you. My opinions are never the final word on a item and it is always a good idea to read as many reviews as possible before making a purchase.

My Reviewing Background
I have a good background knowledge in product testing and I always try to apply these principals when considering products for review. With items like foundations and skincare, I like to try them for a while before reviewing in order to give them sufficient chance to work or demonstrate any adverse reaction. If I am writing my initial thoughts about a product I will always say so. I will always write honest reviews irrespective of whether an item has been purchased by myself or sent for consideration.

Unless otherwise stated, the products I talk about are bought by myself or they are gifts from friends and family. I will always specify if something has been sent to me without cost for the purpose of review. I am very happy to be sent items for review as I love trying new things, but this will never alter the way in which I write about a product.

I receive a discount as a blogger from certain brands and online stores. Namely MAC, Zuneta and Content Beauty. This does not influence my opinion of the brands or stores but it enables me to make my blogging budget go that bit further, allowing me to buy more products to review.

Sponsored Posts
I will consider sponsored content. As yet I have not accepted any offers as I haven't felt they fit in with my blog. If in the future I accept a sponsored post, you can be assured that the content will be labelled as such.

I do accept remuneration for travel expenses to events and launches when offered.


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