Thursday, 16 August 2012

Blog Sale Take Two

UPDATE - All the items have been posted out now and will hopefully be with you very soon. I am closing this thread for comments but if you do have any problems you can use this post to get in touch or email me.
Many thanks!

The blog sale that I did the other day went so well, that I decided it was sensible to let go of some other neglected items. As before, all of the items I am selling have been purchased by me, I would never sell samples. Wherever possible the items will come in their original packaging. Now for the boring rules bit...

* Paypal only- I must receive payment within 24 hours or the item will be re-listed. Please check that your postal address is correct on Paypal as I will not be able to keep track of requests to post to a different address.

* Postage will be £3.15 per item and I will be sending packages by 2nd class Signed For as standard. If you wish to purchase several items, I will calculate any extra postage costs by weight using RM Price Finder. Based on my experience from the previous blog sale, the price is likely to remain the same for multiple items.

* I'm happy to consider posting items outside of the UK but please get in touch so that I can calculate the correct postage for you.

* I aim to post packages within 1-2 days of payment.

* No returns or refunds - I have included pictures to show usage and also given an estimate of how much product remains in each case. Please make sure you check swatches and reviews before going ahead with any purchase.

* Either leave me a comment below with the item(s) you are interested in and your Paypal address or email me at with BLOG SALE in the subject and your Paypal address in the email.

* I will invoice you from a different email address- DO NOT PAYPAL ME until you receive my invoice!



BECCA Pressed Shimmer Powder in Princess in original box, 95% left - £10

Hug Me+Patiesserie
L- Hug Me, R - Patisserie

MAC Hug Me and Patisserie lipsticks, approximately 80% left in both cases - £5 each SOLD


Rouge Bunny Rouge Delilah eye kohl - £7 SOLD
I would estimate there's at least 85-90% of this pencil left. There's a tiny crack in the pencil lid.


Illamasqua Blusher in Beg, 90 - 95% left - £7 SOLD


Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Hibiscus, 80 - 85% left - £5 SOLD

Charcoal Brown+Endless Chocolate

MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow pot - £5 PENDING
Hardly used, minimum of 95% left

L'Oreal Infallible Colour in Endless Chocolate - £1 SOLD
(I will only sell this with other items, as the postage is so expensive for single items)


NARS Rajasthan duo, including original box - £15 SOLD
Approximately 85-90% left as I've only used it a couple of times


All of the eyeshadow pans shown above (and listed individually below) are proper MAC eyeshadow pans and will be packaged in proper sleeves.

MAC+Naked Lunch

MAC Naked Lunch eyeshadow pan, 90 - 95% left - £5 SOLD


MAC Vanilla eyeshadow pan, 95% left - £5 SOLD
NB - in most lights you can't see the reflects that are visible in the picture above, this eyeshadow is listed on the MAC website as having a Velvet finish.

MAC+Purple Haze

MAC Purple Haze eyeshadow pan, 95% left - £5 SOLD

MAC+Beautiful Iris

MAC Beautiful Iris eyeshadow pan, 95% left - £5 SOLD

MAC+Well Dressed

MAC Well Dressed blusher refill pan, 90-95% left - £7 SOLD

EB+Island Rose

Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Island Rose, 90% remaining - £13 SOLD
This had a ding in it and I've also wiped the surface over with a clean tissue which you can probably see from the surface. I do not have the original box, but it does come with the original velvet pouch.


  1. Hi could I have the NARS Rajasthan duo? My email is

    1. Absolutely, I've just sent you an invoice :)

  2. Is there any chance i could get some items but pay the 26th when i get paid? mac hug me, mac beautiful iris and purple haze

    1. Hi EmmaMarie, thanks for your interest but I'm afraid I can't hold items.

  3. Hi,

    Could I have Mac Well Dressed please.


  4. Hi, could I have Edward Bess Island Rose?

  5. Hi, could I have Edward Bess Island Rose?

  6. Hi there,
    Could I please get the Edward bess blush and mac charcoal brown?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Em, I'm afraid the Edward Bess blush has already been taken. I'm sorry about that. Let me know if you still want to take the eyeshadow.

  7. Hi I have emaild you about a Mac eyeshaddow :)

    1. Hi ramsha, thanks for your email. I'm just waiting to see if the lady that commented above would still like the MAC eyeshadow as I have to work on a first come, first served basis. I'll let you know as soon as I do if it's still available :)

  8. Hello hello!
    May I be greedy and ask for the rouge bunny rouge kohl, the ilamasqua blush and the l'oreal infallible?

    My paypal is

    Thank you!

    1. Of course Lucy! I've just sent you an invoice for the three items :)

  9. Please, can the Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Hibiscus be mine? I live in the US but, I don't mind snail mail. I've been stalking this discontinued beauty for an age! My paypal is jpreciose at gmail dot com.


  10. Hello :) Can I have the Mac eyeshadow in charcoal brown and the two lipsticks (Mac again).

  11. can I have MAC Hug Me and Patisserie if they don't go through please?

  12. If the charcoal brown comes available again please could you let me know :) x



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