Friday, 10 August 2012

My Jewellery and Other Knick-Knacks


I fancied a break from makeup writing today and instead wanted to share my little jewellery and trinket corner. I picked up both the jewellery stand and mini drawers from my local Cargo shop, after being inspired by Everyday Beauty to change the way I store my pretty things. It's rather nice to have my favourite pieces of jewellery displayed like this as it gives me pleasure to see them, even when I'm not wearing them.




These last two necklaces were both made by the super talented lady behind The Fushigi Shop (and writer of Worship at the House of Blues, of course). Be Careful What You With For is the more recent purchase of the two and I'm very attached to the little heart with wings. I bought the Sweetheart Molasses Impression necklace almost a year ago now as a wedding anniversary present to myself and I always get comments when I wear. It's always a delight to tell people that it was made by a friend.


Both of these troll style beads were made by the artisan Summersday who sells through Dawanda. The Anaconda murano glass bead cost €10.50 and the Shabby Chic flower bead cost €12.00. As you can see, I haven't got round to buying a silver troll bead bracelet to put them on yet, instead I wear them on a necklace chain. Having gone back to look at Summersday's Dawanda store might just prompt me into action though!


I bought this 10m2 bracelet about a month ago after years of admiring them. I love it but after reading the warning note that arrived with it saying not to get it wet, I do feel a bit paranoid when washing my hands and often forget to put it back on again after washing up. Hopefully I'll relax a bit when it's not so 'new'. I purchased this from Orit London and it cost £80.


This ArtDeco style ring was a gift from my Mum, so it is of unknown origin. I love the style and shape and I'm looking forward to giving this its first outing.


My trinket drawers contains a bit of a mix of items that I want to have easily to hand without having them out on display. The pretty pump tube to the right of the drawers is the Renouve natural handsantizer which I am currently testing.

In the top drawer I have new makeup that I'm testing or waiting to photograph. In the middle drawer, I have my Model Mirror and iPod shuffle with the earphones I use for running. The bottom drawer houses nail polishes that I intend to use and don't want to lose in my big box. My current nail polish storage is a big box which isn't particularly satisfactory. I really want to buy an Alex drawer system so that I can store both my makeup and nail polishes together in my wardrobe but I confess that a trip to IKEA holds about as much appeals as a trip to the dentists!



After writing this post, I realise I probably should have entitled it 'What's on my windowsill?'. Do you like to have jewellery and other knick-knacks out on display, or do you prefer to have everything tidied away?


  1. Love this post Jane... lovely pics. I now want everything on your windowsill, esp the drawers!

    You are so organised... just love how you have a place for everything and wish I was the same!

    Nic x

    1. Thanks Nic, if I was only as organised elsewhere in the house! I do like to try desperately to keep things uncluttered in my bedroom as I need at least one sanctuary. I want to pay another visit to Cargo once the kids are back at school, they have lots of nice bits and pieces x

  2. What a lovely post. The way you have everything laid out is really appealling and you have some very pretty things. Do you find you wear your things more when you can see them? Love the 10m2 bracelet.

    I am going to have to review my storage solutions now (or lack of!).

    1. Thanks Claire. Yes, I'm definitely wearing the jewellery more now that I can see it as I'm getting ready. The 10m2 felt like a bit of splurge but I'm very pleased I went for it.

  3. Ahh those gorgeous Shiseido boxes in the first drawer--I can't wait to see reviews!! I recently fell in love with Shiseido's cosmetics...for some reason I always looked to them as a skincare brand and not for makeup. But ever since I tried it, I've been hooked. The quality is off the charts amazing!!!

    1. I took the 'Shiseido' picture a couple of weeks ago and posted about the lipstick here. I has such a divine texture. I love the cream eyeshadow too. The quality is excellent, as you say.

  4. I am a tidy away girl - if it's out in needs to look pretty! Silly I know but There is such chaos in my life with 3 kids I need my space to be calm and organised! X

    1. As I fellow Mum of 3, I know exactly what you mean. I do try very hard to keep my bedroom my little sanctuary of calm! x

  5. I am a tidy away person too - I can't display stuff without it descending into chaos!

  6. Beautiful photos! I love your little jewelry-holder :)


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