Friday, 19 October 2012

Hakuhodo B214BkSL Highlighter Brush

For a long time the Hakuhodo B214BkSL has sat neglected in my brush roll because, in all honesty, I wasn't sure what to use it for. I know many use it to apply undereye concealer but I always forget to use it for this purpose. I tend to use my fingers or the LMdB concealer brush for this job.

So, I recently decided to give it a try with a highlighter, specifically the Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc. Ordinarily, I apply this with a fluffy brush which creates a sheer veil of highlighter but the way the B214BkSL picks up the powder produces a much more intense and precise application. I suspect this brush would be great for use with any powders that you feel are too sheer or take a lot of effort to pack on. I wish I'd had this brush when I still owned MAC Belightful pressed powder as I might have had more success with it.



Although I haven't tried it on my eyes, I am tempted to test it out with some of my more tightly packed eyeshadows. I did experiment with a couple of different brushes using the same eyeshadow on a piece of tissue (you can blame the dull weather today for the lack of accompanying image) and this definitely picks up more powder that my paddle shaped lid brushes. I was a little worried that it might feel stratchy on the eye area but it does suggests that it can be used for eyeshadow application on the Hakuhodo website. I will let you know how I get on if I give it a try.

I bought my Hakuhodo B214BkSL before the price increases at the beginning of this year. The B214BkSL costs $26 from the Hakuhodo website and although they do offer international shipping, the value (based on the current exchange rate) is just a shade over the UK VAT waiver so you could incur customs charges to receive it at this end. Boooooo!


  1. Hakuhodo brushes seems to be a great investment. I really want to try Hakuhodo but not sure which range I should be tryng first. Do you have any suggestion on which one I shall get first?

    1. It's a tricky one to answer as a lot depends on the sorts of brushes you like and your application style. They have many great eyeshadow brushes, I don't have any of their crease brushes but I know they are highly thought of. Of the Hakuhodo brushes I own, I think my Yachiyo is my personal favourite.

  2. Hmmm..I am interested in trying this one out. I am looking for different alternatives so that I have many choices. I will purchase this after I have tried the Real techniques that I have recently bought.

  3. I still don't own any of the Real Techniques brushes but I keep wondering about investigating in a couple. Would you recommend them?


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