Friday, 23 November 2012

BECCA Ultimate Colour Gloss in Hummingbird

I'm not the biggest lipgloss wearer but I was intrigued to try the BECCA Ultimate Colour Glosses after seeing a selection of colours showcased on their Facebook page. I'm also a bit behind the times because I believe they have released three more colours in this formula with the Autumn collection.



I think Hummingbird isn't particularly representative of the pigmentation of the other Ultimate Gloss shades as it is quite sheer, and I was aware of this disparity from looking up swatches on other blogs. However, sheer autumnal berry shades are one of my favoured lip looks so this colour is perfect for me. The texture is very comfortable to wear and not especially tacky. I do find that I have to take care when applying to ensure an even coverage. I think this is probably the only downside to it being a gloss as opposed to a sheer lipstick.


The Ultimate Colour Glosses are scented and I presume all the shades share the same creme caramel fragrance as Hummingbird. I find it rather pleasant (I have a very sweet tooth) but I know scented lip products aren't for everyone.

The BECCA Ultimate Colour Glosses cost £18 each and come in a total of ten shades. I purchased Hummingbird from Zuneta.


  1. That's a great seasonal colour! Tried my first becca product last month and now itching for more

  2. I love these and this looks great on you! This scent is a lot better than other lip product scents to be honest.

  3. That looks lovely on you. I really like the one I have and plan to get the two other colours from the fall collection when Zuneta gets them in stock. I think I forgot to mention they were scented in my review...bad blogger that I am.. ;) xx

  4. It's a decent color! Not too dark!


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