Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Ideas: ghd Metallic Collection Gift Sets

I bought my first set of ghd hair straighteners a little over five years ago now and they've always served me well. So, I was intrigued to see what if anything had changed, when I received the Rich Ruby Gift Set from the metallic collection for review. For reference, the model I'm comparing to is the ghd version IV. The limited edition metallic collection straighteners have the same features as the ghd gold V classic styler.


I have to admit that my favourite thing about this set, is not so much the pretty colour as the handy storage bag. The bag is functional (but still attractive) as the material is heat resistant. I've never owned a heat mat for my ghds, so I've had to put up with placing them on a magazine after use. I much prefer to have the bag to put them into so that I can immediately put them out of reach of the children without having to wait for them to cool down.



The other aspect that I like is the more rounded shape of the barrel compared to my ghd IV model. I found this made it much easier to curl the ends of my hair in as I was styling. I should think this would also help to create a curl using the straighteners, if you're able to use them that way. I've struggled to master this technique in the past and still found it quite tricky with these straighteners, there's definitely a knack to it as it always looks so easy on videos.


The metallic collection straighteners do seem to be a little lighter than my older ghds. I also find the clamping mechanism offers less resistance and the plates are extremely smooth. This translates to less arm ache during use, particularly when straightening the back section of my hair.

Features which remain the same are the long, free rotating cable and travel friendly universal voltage. One change that initially threw me was the on-off switch being replaced with a slider and the lack of light to tell me it was ready for use. However, I noticed the lettering on the slider itself lights up and a tone sounds once the straighteners reach temperature.

The metallic collection gift sets come in three version and cost £135 each. I know it is an expensive outlay all in one go but I've always considered my ghds a worthwhile investment. If you can ask Father Christmas for them, that's all the better in my opinion!

Disclosure: The straighteners were sent to me without cost for review purposes.


  1. I'd love seeing that in my bathroom each sleepy morning. It's beautiful and I know how great GHD is.

  2. I adore GHD for both straightening and curling- I can imagine that rounded shape would make curling a lot easier!


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