Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Project Swatch: Illamasqua Lipstick in Wanton


Unfortunately, I've held onto the majority of these pictures for so long that the lipstick pictured doesn't appear to be available anymore. Illamasqua Wanton is a very old purchase (almost as old as this blog, I think) and is about as far from my usual lipstick choice as you can probably get. It's a medium lilac pink, the pigmentation is very good but as it is the old style Illamasqua formula, it has quite a dry feel. The stiff texture is what leads to the marks on the bullet, as I find the lipsticks shifts from side to side as you apply rather than simply gliding on.




The pros of the lipstick texture are that it lasts well but I find I must apply over a lip balm or top with lipgloss, otherwise it feels uncomfortable. Today, I'm wearing it over Rose Lanolips. I decided to pull it out today after seeing Emily Jayne tweet about wearing a power lipstick. Wanton is probably more quirky than it is a power colour but I'm hoping it will still draw the focus away from the dark rings around my eyes!



Are you chasing away the January blues with your lipstick today?


  1. Lovely colour - really suits you! x


  2. I've got one Illamasqua lipstick and it's got the same marks. I feel they need to work on the packaging or the texture cause it actually put me off getting any more of their lipsticks.

    1. Hi Ladymoonlight, I believe that the newer Illamasqua lipsticks are a different texture now. Certainly the newer releases that I've swatched have been much smoother but I'm not sure whether 'old' shades have this newer texture too.

  3. Oh yes! I often try to chase away winter blues with makeup, and particularly with lipstick. Sometimes it even works. Wanton is certainly doing it for you--it looks really nice on.

  4. I must admit, I haven't been keeping up with the Illamasqua formulas, so I had no idea that they'd changed their dry lipstick formulas into something more user-friendly.
    To be honest, I'm not sure if I detect a difference from Sonnet which I'd got ages ago to Drench, which I only have for a few weeks, but good to know anyways!
    Personally, I really like this shade on you, love non-traditional purple shades on the lips!


  5. I really like that shade on you :) Like you say it seems the newer shades have a different formula from what I have read, I do wish they would have changed all the other shades as well as they are a few I really like but they are not that comfortable. Are you thinking about getting anything from their Spring collection? xx

  6. Gorgeous colour, do you know a dupe for it? Why on earth did they discontinue it?!?


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