Friday, 11 January 2013

New Beads and Bangles

In lieu of a beauty post today, I thought it would be nice to share the recent additions to my jewellery collection. The first couple of pieces I want to mention were Christmas presents from my husband. We don't always exchange gifts at Christmas but when he was fishing for ideas, I said that I would love to have a few more beads to add to my leather Trollbead bracelet. Although it was a brief conversation, the idea must have stuck as he sought out a local independent jeweller that stocked a good range of their beads.

The beads he chose were the limited edition Lithuania Flag bead (from the World Tour collection) and a Blue Flower bead. Although I'm not certain I would have picked them out for myself, I love them both very much. I tend to gravitate to the black and white beads so it's nice to have an injection of bright colour. Especially with the weather being so drab at the moment.



I purchased the leather Trollbead bracelet that I wear the beads on a few months ago from The price included the clasp and leather strap for less than the cost  of the fastening alone and I reasoned that I could put up with not getting my first choice of leather colour for such a bargain price. I may the beige replace with a darker leather strap at a later date.

The other two beads shown on the bracelet were made by Summersday and purchased from Dawanda (I previous spoke about them here). It's interesting to note that the artisan beads move freely on the leather strap whereas the official Trollbead glass beads are very snug on the leather and hard to move. Although beads that don't move around allow you to maintain their placement on the bracelet, I actually rather like the freer movement of the artisan made beads.



My next treasure was a gift to myself from The Fushigi Shop. This is 'The Cageless Bird with Sharp Needles', to give it its full title.



I kept going back and looking at this bracelet on the website for a couple of weeks. I decided to buy it in the end so that I could stop torturing myself and before someone else snapped it up. I'm very pleased I stopped dithering as I love it and know I will get a lot of wear out of it. Miss MB is also very taken with it and as far as she's concerned, I'm wearing it on a loan basis!


  1. I love those little glass beads, I think they would look even better against a darker thread. Really nice post.

    1. Thank you Sarah, I think you're right that a darker thread would set the colours off nicely :)

  2. I particularly love your birdie bracelet! It is delicate and so charming. For Christmas, my husband gave me a handbag that looks like a pudgey chicken. :)

  3. I think OH did a great job!! His two beads are both dark enough that they sit well with your beads and because he bought two which were green based it doesnt all look a bit random, the black white and green colour theme is lovely! As for the Fushigi shop bracelet, beautiful!

    1. Thanks Debbie, I think he did a good job too. He's very keen to take me to the shop where he bought them, I'm hoping this bodes well for my birthday in a couple of months ;)


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