Monday, 15 March 2010

Project 10 Pan: The Beginning

As I mentioned in my first post, after organising all my make up, I became aware that I need to start using up some of the stuff I already have before I buy any more. I’m also an avid fan of Lollipop26 so I thought it was time I embarked on my very own project 10 pan.

Rather than ‘hitting pan’, I am hoping to completely finish 10 products before I'm allowed to start buying again. I have a feeling it’s going to take me several months, as I don’t use things up that quickly. I have a few things that are heavily used though and have picked these out as contenders. Plus a few of these bits are close to finishing and I thought that would spur me on.

Project 10 pan contenders!

-Modesty lipstick, 1/3 left
-BB beige lipgloss, practically empty
-Colourstay foundation, 1/4 left
-Brulé eyeshadow, 1/2 full
-Oystergirl lipgloss, 1/2 full
-Stiletto mascara, no idea how full/empty!
-Old foundation sample tube, 1/2 full
-Painterly paintpot, 3/4 full
-Beige-ing shadestick, 3/4 full
-Touche éclat, again unsure but it has been heavily used
-Teddy eye kohl, 3/4 left
-Macroviolet eyeliner, 1/2 – 3/4 full

There are another couple of lipglosses that are in the running but I don’t tend to use them as much. I’m also aiming to make a dip in at least one of my blushes. If not I can’t justify any more blush purchases and I really want to try some of the NARS range.

Unfortunately, with the impending lockdown on purchases (plus the temptation of free postage codes for Bobbi Brown and MAC) I felt the urge to splurge more than ever! So I bought a couple of bits over the weekend but now the ban is well and truly on. Hopefully it isn’t too long before I can update with some empties. I’m just a bit sad that I’m going to miss out on the Liberty of London collection next month.

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