Monday, 29 March 2010

Liberty of London

Is it shameful to admit that I really want something from this collection just for the packaging? Don't get me wrong, I do think there are some lovely colours included but it's the white packaging and Liberty design that I think is just beautiful.

I confessed in a comment to a previous post that I cracked and bought some Revlon Photoready despite my spending ban. I am rubbish and in the case of Photoready I just couldn't resist the lure of a bargain. My resolve has been weakened and so now I'm trying to find excuses to justify making some purchases on Thursday (or before if there's another early online release). The best excuse I have at the moment is that one of the lipsticks I want, Ever hip, is likely to sell out really quickly. Even if the collection is still available by the time I'm finished P10P the popular items will have sold out long ago I'm sure.

What I like most of all is the packaging on the blush and beauty powders. I've yet to decide if I actually need any of the colours though! I was pondering whether prim & proper would be a good one for me. I have cubic blush and it looks kind of similar, does anyone know if it looks like a dupe in the flesh? I was also looking at Shell beauty powder. It seems to get rave reviews but do I need another hightlighter?

What are you looking forward to in this collection? Do you love it or are you happy to let it pass by? Feel free to give me a slap for even considering it when I'm supposed to be on a ban!

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