Monday, 9 July 2012

Hourglass Script Liner

Hourglass Script Liner in Jett is different from the other pen liners that I own in terms of its size. The nib is considerably smaller as you will see from the comparison below. This is good news for anyone who struggles to get a fine line with this style of pen.

When I use it, I don't particularly aim to create a finer line than normal. Instead, I find it allows me to be more precise as I build up the line in layers. If I wasn't so lazy, I suspect I could master a decent flick with this pen.


Liner Comparison2


Top - Script Liner, Bottom - RBR Raven Glaze Lacquer Liner

Don't be fooled by the swatch above. It does create a good black line (this pen only comes in black) but I used a single swipe in the image above to show the relative difference in thickness you can achieve compared to a standard sized nib.

I think if you have lots of similar style pens which you already get on with, you don't really need to add this to your collection. However, if you find you struggle with this sort of liner or you haven't used this style of liner before and want to give it a try, Script is probably a good place to start.

Hourglass Script Liner costs £23 and I bought mine from Liberty. I'm pleased to report that Hourglass Cosmetics have increased there presence even further in the UK and are now available from SpaceNK as well as Liberty and Zuneta.


  1. I don't own any liners as fine as this. I may now "need" one....

  2. I have a Mac gel liner and a thin liner brush but not as thin as this nib! I'm the same and like to build it up, this way I save time because both eyes match and I don't get it all over my lid, have to get it off and redo it. Also this pen is more convenient and handbag friendly.

  3. Wow that is teeny! I never found it difficult to obtain thin lines with the Rouge Bunny Rouge and Le Metier de Beaute pens so I probably wouldn't want the extra work required with this one!

  4. This pen is on my Zuneta wish list! I am hopeless at eyeliner and have high hopes that it will be 'the one'.

    Just waiting for some irresistable GWP/offer so I can justify my self imposed makeup ban!


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