Sunday, 1 July 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Makeup Colours Edition

I decided to have a go at Yumeko’s Weekly Photo Challenge #6 – Makeup Colours Edition. I really enjoyed both Yumeko and Drivol about the Frivol's posts and I was interested to see how many items I would be able to find for each colour section, especially as I'm pretty boring when it comes to colour! Trying to work out which colour appears most in my makeup collection was enlightening too. Although it's probably taupe if you count my endless eyeshadows, I wanted to look for a colour which was repeated across all of my colour cosmetic products.

1. Black


Eyeshadows and Pigments: MAC Carbon, Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Zeitgeist* and Eyeshadow in Obsidian*.
Pencil and Liners: Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven Glaze Lacquer Liner, Hourglass Script and Kevyn Aucoin Basic Black Pencil*.
Mascara: Illamasqua Masquara in Raven

2. Brown


This is just a sample of my brown colours as I'm certain I've missed a quite a few eyeshadows and liners when I was rummaging around.

Eyeshadows: Lancôme Blondette Fatale palette*, L'Oreal Color Infallible in Endless Chocolate, MAC Charcoal Brown, MAC Sable, Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark and Blackpepper Jay, Le Metier de Beaute Brocade from the Silk Road Kaleidoscope* and Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes in E105.
Liners: Julie Hewett gel liner in Tessa, Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-lasting Pencil in Lola and Ben Nye Pencil in Espresso
Contour Powder: MAC Strada
Lip Products: Lise Watier gloss in Cafe Frost and YSL Rouge Volupte in Spicy Pink
Nail Polish: Chanel Khaki Rose

3. White


Highlighters: MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion*, Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyes Wide Open highlighter pencil* and Vapour Trick Stick*.
Eyeshadows: White from the Suqqu Lilac Allure Palette and L'Oreal Color Infallible in Time Resist White.
Nail Polish: Lancôme Vernis in Love in Pure Narcisse (020M)*

4. Orange [Colour of the Year according to Sephora]


Orange was especially hard to find in my collection so I hope you'll forgive the fact that most of these are more coral than orange. Three of the items are from the L'Oreal Miss Candy collection* which are due for review.

Blushers: Illamasqua Rude Cream Blusher, Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand in Manet* and Illamasqua Emerge Cream Pigment*.
Nail Polish: BECCA Tangerine Dreams, L'Oreal #304 Spicy Orange* and #305 Dating Coral*
Lipgloss: L'Oreal Glam Shine in #703 Tart Lollipop*

5. Purple: The most popular color amongst your makeup collection


Like brown, this is only a selection of my purples (and plums). Not all these colours suit me but I love purple and if I'm ever drawn to colour it's usually purple.

Eyeshadows: NARS Melusine duo*, Hourglass Exhibition duo, Sue Devitt Eyeshadow in Nordland, Rouge Bunny Rouge Wishing for Wings, MAC Fig. 1, Purple Haze, Trax, Stars N' Rockets, Vibrant Grape and Beautiful Iris.
Pencils and Liners: YSL Waterproof liner in #5 Shimmering Burgundy, Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst, Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil in Zaire and Lise Watier 24hrs Glam Eyeliner in Prune.
Lip Products: NARS Bougainville lipgloss*, Inglot Lip Paint in #59, W3LL People Nudist Lip Shine #2*, Lancôme Violette Coquette* and MAC Up The Amp.
Blusher: NARS Sin
Nail Polish: Chanel Paradoxal and W7 Metallic Venus.

Disclosure: Items marked with an asterisk were received as PR samples.


  1. the brown polish you have from chanel is gorgeous, wat is it? [i tried to read through what u wrote but i dont think i can locate the name. sorry in advance if i messed up of cos!!

    your purple collection is gorgeous
    i like how u have a lot of plum and wine tones. they are very pretty!!!

    thank you so much for taking part!!!!

    1. Hi Yumeko! No, well spotted, I missed that one (and have now edited). The nail polish is Chanel Khaki Rose.

      I really enjoyed taking part in your challenge. It was really interesting to look through my collection and see exactly what colours I do and don't have. It's clear that I don't need any more purples/plums! :D

  2. Purple!!! A surprise indeed! I thought it would have been ummm taupe?

  3. Life's too short to stick to colours that 'suit' IMHO. Your purples made me gasp -- I think I may be switching allegiances from green to purple eyeshadow...

  4. Great job. It would take me forever to do this. I admire you.


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