Friday, 20 July 2012

Jo Malone celebrates all things London


It has been a busy year for London, playing host to the Jubilee celebrations and, of course, the Olympic events just around the corner. Jo Malone have come up with a novel idea to pay tribute to the city and it's cherished landmarks.

On selected dates from 27th July, artists will be available in Jo Malone Boutiques in the capital, to customise boxes with your favourite London landmarks. There is no extra cost for the service and as you can see above, the sketches look really striking on the signature cream and black gift boxes. There's no doubt that this would make an extra special gift for someone.

Inside my box there was a pot of Lime, Basil & Mandarin Body Crème (£48) which smells deliciously fresh and zingy. I'm a fan of the Jo Malone Body Crèmes and have previously owned the body crème in Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I find the creams are a good way for me to wear the fragrances that might otherwise be too strong for me. Of course, they're good for layering too.

You can find a list of London boutiques on the Jo Malone website. Unfortunately, I don't have more details on the specific dates that artists will be available.

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  1. aww what a pretty box! I wonder if they have it here at the moment (we only have ONE Joe Malone counter for the country, though, so I don't get there often, but I'm glad we have them!)

    1. It would be fantastic if they did it elsewhere. I think Belgian scenes would look equally striking on the boxes.

  2. That's so cool. I wish they were doing it around the country... I'd be over to the Newcastle store in a flash to repurchase my fave Vitamin E Gel (awesome stuff). It's sorta running out. Pricey, but I love it.

    Jo Malone is such a classy brand. I love their packaging.

    People in London are so lucky! :-p

    Vic x

    1. I know what you mean about Londoners being lucky, though I don't suppose they'll feel like that when fighting through the extra Olympic traffic to get to work!

      I've not come across the Vitamin E Gel before, I shall have to look it up! x

    2. Oh my word! It's their cult product! I'm pretty sure it's how Jo Malone came into being! It's this little wonder pot of seriously expensive balm/gel/magic that nourishes and heals and is just all round wonderous!

      Yes, hmm Olympic traffic. I hope we don't suffer up here (Newcastle) apparently some football games are being held at the stadium in town. Ugh. Fingers crossed the don't start closing roads left right n centre!


  3. The London boxes are gorgeous. Have you tried a Body Creme before? They are lovely. I really like to fragrance combine with these and a cologne. L, B & M is great for summer - if we ever get one!

    1. Yes, I received the Nectarine Blossom and Honey Body Creme as a Christmas present from S many moons ago. It was THE BEST PRESENT EVER and I really eeked it out. I found the scent was strong enough to act as a perfume. Which of their fragrances would you recommend for layering with the L, B & M creme?

    2. Pretty much everything goes with it - Vetyver and Black Vetyver Cafe are particularly good. I like it with Red Rose and Pomegranate Noir too. Funnily, I don't care for it that much with the other citrussy ones - I find it smells a bit blah in combination with Grapefruit for example to my nose.

  4. What a gorgeous box! I wish I could go to one of those stores. I love Jo Malone and can always find what to buy.

    If you haven't tried it yet I want to mention that their Grapefruit shower gel is just wonderful. And I want to second Victoria on Vitamin E Gel.


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