Friday, 26 April 2013

Dupe Alert: Avon Smoky Plumes vs Essie Smokin' Hot

I picked up Avon Speed Dry+ in Smoky Plumes on a bit of a whim. I try my best not to buy more nail varnish these days, out of guilt for the number of bottles I already own, but it seemed churlish to turn down an offer of £2.50 for a bottle.

L-R: Smoky Plumes, Metro Chic, Smokin' Hot and Paradoxal

The colour, Smoky Plumes, really appealed to me. I do like a good gruple and I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked to discover that it was a dupe for something I already owned. As you will see from the nail wheel, Avon Smoky Plumes is pretty much a spot-on dupe for Essie Smokin' Hot. It also looks very similar to Chanel Paradoxal, only without the (well) hidden sparkle, of course.



L-R: Smoky Plumes x2, Metro Chic, Smokin' Hot and Paradoxal

Although the colours are practically identical, the formulas are quite different. Smokin' Hot has a thin, runny consistency, whereas Smoky Plumes has a thick formula and does have a tendency to drag. Personally speaking, I find the Essie easier to apply both in terms of the consistency and ease of manipulating the brush. However, the Smoky Plumes did look better the next morning, on account of the faster drying time. And yes, in case you are wondering, I am walking around with Smokin' Hot on one hand and Smoky Plumes on the other in the interest of accurate research...

As ever, I can't comment on staying power: I make all manicures look worn within 12-24 hours, standard. I find the quality of the Avon polishes is generally pretty good though and Smoky Plumes is worth considering if you're looking for a nice gruple.

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