Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Dust Seriema Eyeshadow

I've had these pictures organised and in draft form for a long time but I will admit that my love for this eyeshadow has been a bit of a slow burner. Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Dust Seriema is a browned concrete and on my skin it swatches with a slight mauve undertone. It's one of RBR's matte formulas and the texture is extremely smooth. I find that touching a brush to the pan does create a bit of dust but I haven't experienced any issue with fallout when I apply it.

I had assumed that I would use this as a lid colour but in fact I get more use from it as a crease colour and also to soften the edges of a smoky eye. Today, I am wearing it in the crease with MAC Brule as an all over base colour with a bit of the pearlised champagne-pink from Rue de Rivoli as a brow highlight. Some would say it's a boring look, I'd say subtle. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to!



To put the colour into context, I thought it would be useful to compare it to a couple *cough, cough* of similar eyeshadows from my collection. Below, you can see how it compares to similar shades in the Guerlain Rue de Rivoli, Rue de Passy and BECCA Enigma palettes, as well as old favourites RBR Solstice Halcyon and MAC Omega. None of them are precisely identical but, based on the pan, I would say that Armure from the Enigma palette is pretty close.


Sweet Dust Seriema+Comparison1

Swatches from left to right: Armure from BECCA Enigma, Rivoli eyeshadows, Sweet Dust Seriema, Solstice Halcyon, MAC Omega, Rue de Passy, Gracious Arasari

Sweet Dust Seriema+Comparison5

Sweet Dust Seriema+Comparison6

BECCA Armure is still closest based on the swatches, however the texture of the RBR eyeshadow is definitely superior. As a random aside, I do like to see the colours compared side by side like this as it's interesting to see the different undertones. It also makes me even more keen to have a colour analysis to see which of these colours, if any, would fit with my recommended colour palette.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Dust Seriema eyeshadow pan costs €24/£20 and is available from the Rouge Bunny Rouge Online Boutique, and Zuneta.

Disclosure: I ordered Sweet Dust Seriema from the Rouge Bunny Rouge website using a voucher sent to me by the brand. The links are included for information only and are not affiliate links.


  1. I'm loving all these colour draping posts too!

    1. I'm fascinated by having it done myself now. I'm planning to save up and make an appointment with Nikki Bogardus on one of her visits to the UK.

  2. Ah I've heard nothing but raves about RBR and am obsessed with neutral and nude shadows. This is beautiful! All the comparison swatches are very helpful, too :)

    1. I'm pleased the comparisons are useful Catherine. I would highly recommend the RBR eyeshadows, they are a lovely formula to work with.

  3. I, too, was rather underwhelmed by SDS when I first got it. I did like the texture--like you said, it can be a bit dusty, but it's also incredibly smooth--but I put it aside and didn't think about it for months. Recently I've been playing with it more and have found I really like the color. I use it as an extremely(!) subtle liner occasionally, and also as a lid shade. Now I'll try using it in the crease, as you've mentioned. I hope you find ways of getting lots of use from it!


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