Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Jo Malone, Limited Editions and Ebay

I'm having one of those moments where I curse myself for being so slow to write about something. I'm not gifted with the talent others have for describing scents, so perfume reviews take me a long time to formulate. I also don't really like to write about items without having something useful to say. However, I should know from past experience that this is not especially helpful though when it comes to limited editions.

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I squirted the Bitter Orange & Chocolate Cologne from the Jo Malone™ Sugar & Spice Collection this morning. The initial hit is delicious and reminds me of the smell from an open bag of Jaffas (like orange smarties, only better). The delicious smell reminded me that it was high time that I write about the collection; the Elderflower & Gooseberry and Ginger Biscuit colognes are also lovely but I would struggle to describe them. However, I think if you like fragrances like Haus of Gloi Who Needs Love and Come Hither or the citrus-y scented Guerlain Aqua Allegoria perfumes, I think you would (have) like(d) the Sugar & Spice Collection.

But, here's the rub. My delay in writing about the collection means that, with the exception of Redcurrant & Cream cologne, all of the fragrances have sold out online. I'm not sure whether this is also the case for the boutiques and counters, but I would guess so. What I can see is that you can buy the perfumes for an inflated price on Ebay. I found a bottle of the Bitter Orange & Chocolate cologne for £65 BIN. The RRP was £38.

This is a practice that infuriated me as people clearly buy limited edition items to sell at a profit on Ebay, anticipating the demand once a collection/product sells out. I'm sure the Lord Sugar's of this world would consider this entrepreneurial, I just think it's cheeky. Of course, this is not unique to Jo Malone™ collections, I know it has happened in the past with Suqqu and some MAC limited editions too. I do wonder how quickly the collections would sell out if it wasn't for Ebay sellers buying up so much of the stock? I also realise that people must purchase at these inflated prices, otherwise it wouldn't be profitable.

Anyway, that's enough of me ranting. I'm off to scour the internet for a perfume called Sour Grapes!

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  1. I wanted to try these but they didn't have the collection in the store, so I missed the boat on that one. I hear you on the ebay thing, I'm sure I read they had to limited the amount of LE Suqqu being bought at Selfridges in one go, due to people buying in bulk to sell off,grrr

  2. I went to John Lewis Oxford Circus yesterday with the specific intention of trying and buying one of these, but apart from Lemon Tart and Redcurrant they had completely sold out. I was disappointed then but now I'm annoyed too! It's particularly annoying with makeup and fragrance because you can't just blind buy within minutes of a limited product launch, and need to get to a shop to try products first (especially if you're on a budget and can't afford to waste funds on misfires). Hmmph.

  3. I didn't realise these had sold out already... gutted I missed out on the Elderflower & Gooseberry as it sounds right up my street & was looking forward to having it in my Summer fragrance collection! Infuriates me too that prices are inflated on ebay.

    Nic x


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