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Beauty Works West Body Care Review

I was sent some products from the Beauty Works West body care range before Christmas. The range has been developed by the Beauty Works West Medi Spa in London in conjunction with anti-ageing expert Dr. Daniel Sister. The products are described as being free from glycols, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours, nitrates, parabens, sulphates, phthalates and aluminium (and breathe). Instead they are made with natural, active botanical ingredients.


I have to admit that despite taking good care of my face, I have a terrible habit of neglecting the rest of my body. My skin isn't particularly dry so it's easy to forget that it needs taking care of too. I started off by trying out the Luxurious Sugar Cane Scrub (£42). The scent is absolutely delicious, it's almost foody but not in a sickly way. I find the consistency to be quite different to other sugar scrubs that I have tried. Rather than lots of scrubby bits suspended in a solid oil base, this is a looser, more jelly-like consistency. There are also some larger 'chunks' in the scrub, I only noticed these because they made quite a loud noise as they hit the bottom of the shower tray! Although the texture is different the scrub is still fairly oil based. I find the oils don't emulsify leaving a film on both my skin and in the shower. The first time I used this I applied the Anti-Ageing Body Cream straight afterwards. This was just too much for my normal skin and it felt overloaded with moisturiser. I find the oils in the scrub are more than sufficient to moisturise on their own.

Sugar Cane Scrub

I was keen to see how the Anti-Ageing Body Cream (£41.50) would fare on totally clean skin. This is a rather thick, rich cream. It's not solid like a body balm but I find it feels just like a body balm would on my skin. Even on it's own, I found this texture to be too rich for my skin. The Body Cream along with the very beautiful smelling Luxurious Body and Hair Oil (£47) have been passed on to my Mum for testing by a more appropriate test subject. My Mum has extremely dry skin and is quite the connoisseur of body creams. She has promised to report back.

This leaves me with my two favourite products from the range: the Anti-Ageing Body Treatment (£59) and Cleanse Organic Facial Cloths (£7.50). The Anti-Ageing Body Treatment has a lovely citrussy scent and a lighter, more whipped texture than the body cream. I find it easy to work in and it sinks in to my skin without leaving a residue. I really enjoy the sensation of massaging this on to my skin and I find it leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth. Because it feels so pleasant to use, I remember to use this treatment frequently. I'm afraid that trying this out over Christmas prevented me from being able to comment on any cellulite reducing ability but I would say that it improves the texture of my skin.

The Organic Facial Cloths have been really useful, especially with my trip away over Christmas. I know that facial cloths aren't for everyone but I find them to be very handy. The Beauty Works West cloths are very good quality, they have enough texture and strength to remove all traces of makeup whilst still being gentle on the skin.

There's no escaping the fact that the Beauty Works West products are expensive. They would make very nice gifts, as they are nicely packaged and smell and feel luxurious. I think they would appeal especially to anyone who enjoys products made with natural active ingredients.

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  1. These products really lovely. Love the sound of the cream and oil!

  2. I really like the wipes - I won some in a giveaway on Caroline's blog and they included a body oil in my prize. How lovely was that!! The oil smells gorgeous, I'm hooked on the smell alone. I've used it on my dry ends and really like it for my arms where I can get wafts of the scent too. Hasn't proved enough relief for my legs though, had to retreat back to body butters for them. x

  3. They sound lovely, I am very tempted but the price is a bit higher than I'd normally go for in bodycare, I seem to have no qualms about laying down money on makeup or facecare but haven't quite made the jump to bodycare, mind you I'll keep the site bookmarked incase I have one of my moments ;) x

  4. Nom nom.. the sugar cane scrub reminds me of eating fresh sugar cane in Malaysia. Not sure I'd be able to resist eating it!

  5. It all sound lovely... will you let us know what your Mum thought about the Boday and Hair Oil? It sounds like the kind of product I like, so looking forward to know more.


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