Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Let's Talk About Hair

I was sent a press release yesterday about the new Bed Head Street Squad blog and it prompted me to have a think about my own hair trials and tribulations. I have already mentioned that my hair is in a bit of a state at the minute. It's grown quite long and this is more to do with hairdresser avoidance than it is a style statement but I feel like I'm at a tipping point with it. Do I continue to try and improve how it looks at it's current length or do I bite the bullet and go for the chop?

The Bed Head Street Squad. No frumpy hair there!

In terms of improving it's current state I have been using the Philip Kinglsey Elasticizer with some success. I'm not sure how often I can use it though and my hair does become tangled again between uses. I have considered trying one of the new 'split end repair' ranges. Both Pantene and Tresemme recently released haircare products specifically designed to tackle split ends. Having spent a while using SLS free products I do wonder if this would be a bit of a step back? L'Oreal are launching a new range of SLS free hair products called Hair Expertise in February which might be a better solution for me (London Beauty Queen posted about the range here). I have been using some sachets of Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner and whilst I really like the texture and the scent, I'm not sure it's the best fit for my hair in it's current knotted up state. It's something I hope to return to when my hair is better shape.


Another way to put off the scissors for a while longer would be to colour my hair again. For the past few months I have diligently stuck to touching up the roots only but reading Jack Howard's blog has made me yearn for glossy, all over colour. His description of French Brown sounds perfect and what most brunettes are striving for with their colour. I have a lot of personal experience with the 'orange cast' that Jack describes and it's one of the reasons I have often re-dyed all of my hair rather than just the roots.

Of course, I have plenty of reason to fear hitting the bottle! I'm not sure if you ever check my archives but the feedback on one old hair dye post is extremely interesting. When the foam dyes were initially released just over a year ago, I had the opportunity to try both the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour and the Clairol Nice'n Easy foam. The John Frieda was excellent and they have since expanded the line to include more cool toned browns. The Clairol foam on the other hand was a beast. If you look back at that original review you will see that there are 38 comments and a large proportion of those report a very similar experience. Black hair, stained scalp and a splattered bathroom! It's an experience I do not wish to repeat.

How my mop currently looks

If all else fails I know I could go for the scissors option. I am tempted to go for the chop and I like my hair in a bob but I can be such a fusspot about the cut. My bad experiences seem to outweigh my good ones. Do you remember last year's Rachel incident? I like my hair to be a little messy, it suits my personality (don't say anything) more than something very styled or structured. We can probably blame my inner Indie kid for my lack of interest in big hair! I do seem to struggle to convey this message to hairdressers and until I master this, I fear that I will always end up with frumpy rather than funky.


  1. You need to find a good hairdressers, go in and have a chat with them before letting them anywhere near your hair with pointy objects and only once YOU are happy they get what you want you make the appointment.

  2. I tell every hairdresser I go to exactly what I want...and they seem to forget what I asked for :( and in the moment I get excited about the way it's ended up and then it's later I realise 'wait! they didn't do...'.
    Kitoko oil is helping with my knots, and a detangler spray, still find them though!

  3. Eh...I've never been thrilled with a haircut I've gotten. Everytime I religate control to my hairdresser they inevitably give me the same boring long layered look. If I wanted my hair that way I wouldn't cut it at all! I feel you fellow frumpy :(

  4. Just shave your head! I'll do it if you do it! :p

  5. Since my last hair debacle on 7th November I have avoided going back to the hairdresser, not least because as its getting longer I am liking it more! Will eventually cave but god will I be strict I will use words like "trim" and "very little off" and "do what you did last time and I will hunt you down and have you dipped in boiling oil" would it work for you to say things like "choppy bob"?? Although there is that whole lost in translation thing with hairdressers though isn't there where "trim" = scalp me and "choppy bob" is heard as helmet hair, good luck hun! xx

  6. Find a picture of a haircut you LOVE, from as many angles as possible, blow it up to at least A5 and bring it with you to a precut consultation. Rather than saying I WANT this, ask rather Will My Hair Do This? And go from there. I found my fab hairdresser by chance- she was the first one who watched how I played with my own hair and asked me to touch it during the cut and give her feedback. She is Vidal Sassoon trained, which seems to make the difference. She does awesome slices of colour - really complementary to your colouring. She is only in Reading btw!

  7. I'm with you on the orange cast!! Whatever colour I try (be it professionaly done or in my bathroom), I end up with an orange tinge to my hair that is quite ugly.

  8. I've very hair undecided at the moment as well, though I think I feel frumpy at the moment as well which isn't helping. I think the problem I have is that even if I get a nice cut I can never seem to get it to look like the hairdresser does, my styling attempts just seem to result in hair breakage. Still I'm going to the hairdressers this weekend so will see what sort of mood I am, play it safe or just go for it ;) x

  9. This is why I've stayed with the same hairdresser for about 15 years!


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