Sunday, 2 September 2012

Junk Yard Nail Polish by Louise Gray for Topshop

I finally had an opportunity to explore the Topshop makeup range on Saturday. Along with a couple of bits I had on my wishlist, I picked up this glittery nail polish from the Louise Gray collaboration. It was the perfect pre-IKEA shopping with children treat.



It's reminiscent of the Deborah Lipmann glitter polishes, although the glitter is not as dense. The glitter settles to the bottom of the bottle so it does require a shake before application. I decided to layer it over a base of pale blue polish (L'Oreal French Riviera) and splodged Junk Yard over the top to add the maximum amount of glitter in the shortest time!



I was surprised that the nail polish survived furniture building and a day of heavy day cleaning. It did eventually lift off as a complete sheet. It certainly beats trying to get it off with remover.

The Louise Gray polishes at Topshop cost £6.50 each and there are a total of four glitter polishes.


  1. oooh sparkly, I'll make sure to have a look at the new polishes when I am next in. I bet your IKEA trip was fun.......xx

    1. They're cute, I quite liked the look of the pink one too. The IKEA trip was fun, in the same way that I enjoy a trip to the dentists ;). On the plus side, I did get a new set of drawers for my makeup. I may actually have to share pictures! xx

    2. ;) I would actually like to see the new set of drawers, not sure what that says about me xx

  2. Replies
    1. I really liked wearing it, it made me smile every time I looked at my nails :D

  3. Very, very pretty! The color is very...happy? Love it!

  4. I wasn't so blown away by this one, mostly because I like my glitter packed on more densely. My favourite was the green, Hat Trick. Having said that, I think it looks really pretty layered like that and would still be on the shopping list if I didn't have so many polishes already. x

  5. oh I do like that it's really cute. I like all of Topshop's make up I've tried my favourites are their kohl eyeliners.

  6. This is a heavenly NOTD. It looks lovely and now I want to go and eye this up in person!

  7. I love the shade of the blue French Riviera as an undercoat. It's a terrific pair off with the Topshop glitter.

  8. This is amazing, like an aquarium on steroids!!! Great NOTD!!!!

  9. I purchased the Hat trick one and kept the nail polish for one day, thought it looked good ... but what a trick indeed ! be very cautious recommending or using this product : I ended up with yellow nails and after 2 weeks the stains are still pretty horrible and my nails well ,yellow. it was confirmed by a GP that it is due to the product chemicals and not a nail disease or allergy, TOPSHOP should really be more careful before selling this kind of junk. Too bad, worst product ever.


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