Friday, 7 September 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge GWP & Santa Ana Look Video

Zuneta presents Rouge Bunny Rouge ¬ Get The Look ¬ Santa Ana from Zuneta Beauty on Vimeo.

Here's the Zuneta video for the new Rouge Bunny Rouge Santa Ana look that I had a go at re-creating yesterday. I will be interested to see if I can improve my copy of the eye look after watching how it's done in the video.

I've also just spotted the GWP offer in the weekly e-newsletter. The offer is for a free Sleeping Under A Mandarin Tree loose glitter pigment with every order of Rouge Bunny Rouge products worth £40. I really like the RBR loose pigments as they're not as messy to apply as most, especially if you use the applicator in the tube.

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  1. I'm approaching unhealthy obsession levels with the Santa Ana look! The video had some changes and exclusions from the written instructions so I incorporated what I liked from both sets to try this look AGAIN! (I'm nuts) This time I used Olive Violtear under the lower lashline and to define the crease. I used Umber Firefinch on the upper lashline and a little on the outer corner. I lined with Mac Khaki and finessed with a little Unforgettable Oriole to highlight the inner corner.

    Of course the piece de resistance is really that beautiful red lip. I tried out Raw Silence and that red really is a beauty. I tried the Mattifying Primer on my lips and it did give a very pretty velvetty look, but it is a high maintenance look.

    Ok, crazy me, signing out!


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