Monday, 10 September 2012

Topshop Adrenalin Nail Polish


This is another of my recent Topshop purchases. The rather oddly named Adrenalin is a lilac-y pink glitter polish with a mixture of small and medium sized pieces of glitter. The glitter is more densely packed than in the Junk Yard polish that I showed you last week but you still need to daub it on quite thickly to load the nail with glitter.

The glitter in Adrenalin has an iridescent quality which is very pretty and I have been admiring my nails a lot since I applied it. Strangely, the glitter coverage looks heavier in real life compared to the images below, which I don't really understand.  I am wearing Adrenalin over Essie Demure Vixen in these pictures (two coats of Demure Vixen followed by two coats of Adrenalin). This combination has lasted quite well again: glitter polishes really do seem to have reasonable staying power on my rubbish nails!

Adrenalin+Demure Vixen7

Adrenalin+Demure Vixen5

Adrenalin+Demure Vixen4

Adrenalin+Demure Vixen1

Adrenalin nail polish cost £6 from Topshop. I bought it from a reasonably sized store but I see you can also buy the makeup online.


  1. A very pretty combo! I've been meaning to pick up Demure Vixen for ages.

    1. I love Demure Vixen, it's a polish I find quite easy to wear as it doesn't show up wear in the same way as darker colours.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you like it. I've been impressed with all the bits I've got from Topshop x

  3. haha, the name is funny. you won't believe but I actually rarely put glitter on top of, lets say, nudes or murky colours, pale, etc. But I really like this one, I have to try that out /Claire.

  4. Oo I think I like that better than Junk Yard. They didn't have that one when I went looking. x

  5. I should obviously be asleep in bed - didn't register that this was from the main TopShop range rather than the pink from Louise Gray Doh!

  6. Ooo, I love it! Sparkly nails are great!


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