Friday, 28 September 2012

My New(ish) Zara Bag and Day Birger Dress

I thought I'd start by saying that I'm not in the least bit fashionable and I generally feel too uncomfortable about my figure to share an outfit of the day. However...recently I've been buying more clothes and accessories than makeup. In fact, I seem to have been buying everything but makeup for several months now. I guess this is what comes of neglecting every other area except makeup for the past three years! So, I suspect that if I don't share these 'other' things with you, we may well start to experience some blog tumbleweed!


I purchased the Day Birger et Mikkelsen Charlotte jersey dress in Burside from SecretSales back in July. I've worn it a lot since I bought it and it's such an easy item to throw on in a morning. Although I have worn it on its own, particularly when we had that brief warm spell, I prefer to wear with opaques or leggings. Now there's more of a chill in the air, I'm more likely to be wearing it a lot with knee length boots. Which reminds me that I need to keep my eyes peeled for a new pair of boots as my current pair will soon need replacing.



I've recently retired my nappy bag (sob) but I still needed something big enough carry wipes, spare clothes, random toys, as well as the odd item for me. Although I really liked the style of the popular rigid plaited shopper from Zara, this slouchy leather bag was much more appropriate for me. I love it and it does indeed hold a lot of stuff. My only gripe is that there aren't more holes on the longer handle but I suppose I could probably visit a cobblers to get some more added. The Bucket Bag cost me £59.99 and I ordered from Zara online.

Thanks for reading and feel free to let me know how you feel about me going a little off topic. I'm always interested to get your feedback.


  1. I love these kind of dresses, so easy to wear and above all comfortable. Zara do great bags, one of my favourite shops. I really enjoyed this post, I always love seeing what others are wearing/buying!

  2. that dress is gorgeous and really suits you. I love pieces like this, that you can just fling on and immediately look put together!
    Kirsten x

  3. That dress looks lovely on you! I've had cobblers punch holes into lots of bag straps for me (mostly because I'm so stumpy and they're too long!) and they often don't even charge, just point me towards the charity tin :) x

  4. That dress is ace on you Jane. And I like it when you go off topic!

  5. oh oh oh, I like the complete comfy and casual look from head to toe! And I want that bag!!

  6. Love the outfit and this type of post. I've been buying more clothes and accessories too lately.

  7. What a great dress! Casual yet pulled together. The bag, though, is was has me drooling. Gorgeous. Please go off topic whenever you feel like it--it's so fun!

  8. Cute! And I love your haircut, may need to do something similar with mine as it's getting WAY too long.


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