Monday, 25 February 2013

Chantecaille Shine Eyeshadow in Bois with a FOTD

I thought this might be a useful follow up to the Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild post, not least because this eyeshadow is permanent whereas I suspect the Tiger palette is much harder to find. A few people commented that the texture of the Chantecaille singles is different to those in the palette. Bois is the only single Chantecaille eyeshadow that I own (despite swatching and lusting after many more) but I would have to agree that it is much smoother and less dusty than any of the eyeshadows in the Tiger or Turtles palettes.



Bois is one of the Shine formulas and it offers sheer rather than opaque colour. The swatch above is a couple of passes over the skin. The colour is a light sandy brown with golden sheen and I feel it's too warm to be described as a taupe. As much as I love neutrals, I'm always slightly nervous about wearing golden hues as I'm not convinced they suit my colouring. In the pictures below I am wearing Bois on the mobile lid with Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird on the outer corner.



I chopped and changed my lipsticks as I was undecided about a complementary pairing. In the first picture I'm wearing my old favourite Guerlain Beige Nude and in the second picture, I'd applied Ellis Faas L303. I also started the day wearing BECCA gloss in Hummingbird but didn't get a photograph with it on. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on whether this eye look is a hit or miss and which, if any, of the lipsticks look ok.



The Chantecaille Shine eyeshadows cost £23 and are available from SpaceNK and Chantecaille counters. Bois was a gift from a very kind blogger who knows how much I love eyeshadows!


  1. I think you should get colour matched when L gets hers done. It is very hard to know what colours work best unless you are glaringly cool or warm.


    1. I think you're right about it being hard to work it out. I seem to be able to spot what doesn't work for me, whereas what DOES work is much harder to judge.

      My usual criteria for disliking things is if they accentuate my ruddiness and I think golds and reddy browns have a tendency to do this. I know I could spend more time on foundation application but I am lazy!! x

  2. Beautiful scarf! I prefer the lighter lip in the first picture :)

  3. I now have to pair Bois with Abyssinian Catbird, I don't think I'd have thought of it. I prefer the top lipstick on you since it's softer looking. I like this color on your eyes by the way.

  4. the golden Bois is very pretty on you and I love your pairing with Ab Cat and looks so lovely with the Guerlain lipstick. may I ask what blush you are wearing in the pictures?

  5. I LOVE This color on you!!!! You look FAB! :) Love the lips with the eyes. Great scarf!!!

  6. Forgot to say that I love the second lip choice a bit more than the first, although the first is nice. The second, though, gives your face a pop of color that I think makes you look younger and more vibrant. (Not that you are remotely old! LOL)

  7. Im probably really late but I love your hair! That shadow is so gorgeous on you too x

  8. I think both lipsticks look very nice. With the first, your look is more day time and casual, making the eyeshadow look rather neutral. The look with the second lippie is considerably more dramatic--you look wonderful, but it seems more evening/formal (it somehow changes the look of the eyeshadow, too). The eyeshadow itself is gorgeous, too. And that scarf! Gimme. ;)


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