Monday, 4 February 2013

My Week in Pictures

Well, it's probably more like the last week and a half but let's not argue over a technicality. I know I've been rather quiet on the blogging front lately. Although theoretically I have more time to myself these days, with the constant round of viruses attacking the MB household, it's been hard to find the time or impetus to write. So, here's a little glimpse at what has been keeping me busy.


It was Miss MB's 3rd birthday just over a week ago and as you can see, she celebrated in style. I still can't get over the fact that she's a little girl now and not a baby. When I first started blogging, Miss MB was only seven weeks old and I still remember my old Twitter avatar with her very fondly.

I'm not very good at baking but I think that cake is an absolute must for birthdays. I made this chocolate sponge cake following Mary Berry's recipe from the BBC website. It was actually very straightforward to make (easier still if you use a food processer, I imagine) and it tasted delicious.


I bleached a section of my hair weeks ago with the intention of adding some colour to it. I've only just got around to adding the colour and you can see the end result below.

Crazy Colour+Hot Purple2

Crazy Colour+Hot Purple3

I used Crazy Color in Hot Purple and this is the result of two applications. The first time I applied it, I was quite nervous so I diluted the colour with conditioner and applied for the time indicated on the bottle (15-30 mins). The colour didn't really take on this first try, instead it acted more like a toner on the bleached hair. The second time round, I added the colour neat and left it on for a couple of hours, wrapping the section of hair in clingfilm to prevent the dye from drying out. I was very pleased with the end result and may well brave adding another slice of colour in a more obvious position.

New shoes! I bought these boots from Dune to wear to hen do I went to over the weekend. I'm absolutely thrilled with them and I'm also surprised by how comfy they are to walk in. I expected my feet to be sore after walking around London in them on their first wear but there wasn't a blister in site. I suspect I will be rather precious about avoiding scuffing them for the next month or so.


Son1's class have been studying Viking's as their topic this term, and today they had to go in dressed in costume. So, once again my creative skills have been put to the test. I like to try and avoid buying new things when it comes to these sorts of costumes as I always feels it's a bit wasteful, particularly if they are items that that won't be worn again. I had a rummage around in the local charity shops and managed to find a beige top men's that I cut up to make an over-shirt and makeshift leg bindings, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything that would work as a cloak.


Whilst looking through my stash of bedding for something suitable, I came across an old cot-sized white flannel sheet and had a light bulb moment. I thought it would be interesting to have a go at dyeing it and discovered via Google that coffee can be used to dye fabric. It turned out to be a rather effective way of getting rid of some ancient coffee grounds and a minging jar of Nescafe too! You can cut up a pair of tights to make a filter for coffee grounds and I wish I had discovered this before I made the first batch of dye above. 

If you have access to a fixative like alum or you are able to pre-treat the material with vinegar or washing soda beforehand, you would be able to achieve a darker shade than I was able to. I'm still happy with my handiwork though and I rather like the random darker patches as it adds character.


Here's my son modelling the finished outfit. I used an old plaited leather belt of mine to tie around his waist. He's wearing a maroon undershirt (read old pillowcase with head and arm holes) and the black trousers from his Dracula outfit. I also used some brown laces to hold up the 'leg bindings'. I am extremely pleased that I opted for a budget outfit as multiple items have disappeared during the day.

And finally...

After years of saying I would never watch the films, I finally succumbed to the Twilight series. I have also developed a new crush. And, before you ask, yes I am ashamed of myself. Hoooowwwllllll!


  1. I loved catching upon your week :) Your children are adorable!

  2. Your children are gorgeous. Miss MB looks very pleased with herself in her baubles.

    The purple hair is great. I so wish I could make the transition to grey but my partner is quite a bit younger and I don't want people thinking I am his aunty or something! I just keep making those appointments at the hairdresser ... At least my hairdresser is lovely.

    Boots are great too. I bought a pair of Fly boots on a randon PMS whim. I love them which is good becuase they were quite expensive (by my standards anyway).

    1. I would love a pair of Fly boots and was actually looking at several pairs when on my hunt for boots. Unfortunately, all of the reviews suggested they wouldn't be any good with my wide calves. :(

  3. I love this! Miss MB looks so much like you, and you boy looks so cute, your going to have a little heartbreaker on your hands when he's older.
    I really like your hair, slightly edgy yet chic at the same time.
    I have to say I have never seen any of Twilight, I'm sure I must be the only one ;)
    Thanks for sharing this with us Jane xx

    1. Thanks Replica. I don't think you can be the only one not to have seen Twilight. I only watched it because I ran out of films that I hadn't already seen! It's ok if you can tolerate a lot of teen angst and moody vampires...

  4. Team Jacob all the way!

  5. I have a couple of random and assorted comments. NOOOO EDWARD ALL THE WAYYYYY! (I'm not ashamed that much)

    Your kids are beautiful! You have a lot of dedication to MAKE a costume for your son. Jane, all hail, Jane!

    When I saw the pot on the stove, I thought it was a delicious chicken dish until I read a little closer. (I believe it's my dinner time now)

    1. Although the coffee concoction wasn't good enough to eat, it did make the house smell rather nice.

      The Edward thing, well, I just don't think I can ever go there. Robert Pattinson? Sexy?? Nope, definitely can't go there!! :D

  6. You are very creative. I love the costume. And both of your kids are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Marcia, I was quite proud of the costume work. I felt a bit mean about leaving my middle one out but if you look very closely you will spy all three children made it into the Viking photo.

  7. The cake looks delicious. Your kids are so cute!

    1. Thanks Rola, the cake tasted so good that I actually made another. Yummy!

  8. What a delightful post! I'm impressed by all the creative things you do, from cooking to costuming to purple hair dye. Which looks really cool, by the way.

    1. Thanks Sam. Being more creative was actually my resolution for the year!


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