Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Project Swatch: Rouge Bunny Rouge Mysterious Tinamou Eyeshadow

As it's nice and sunny outside today, I thought it would be appropriate to share a little colour. I've had Rouge Bunny Rouge Mysterious Tinamou for a while now and have previously shown it applied as an accent colour. I also really like to wear it over a dark base which really accentuates the intensity of this shade.



As with my other RBR eyeshadows, the texture is excellent but I find the application to be a bit more sheer than say Abyssinian Catbird or Bejewelled Skylark. The swatches below are a couple of swipes of colour applied to bare skin.

In bright, outdoor light

Overcast lighting

Under flash
The Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow pots cost £20.50/€24, unfortunately I don't think this colour is available in refill form. I purchased Mysterious Tinamou from Zuneta.


  1. I love this colour but think if I bought it I probably wouldn't use it. Just admire it in the pan! When I log into Zuneta it isn't one of my reccomended shades so I am even more sceptical about how much use it would get.

    Can we see some pics with it applied as you have described? Maybe you could convince me ... when I finally justify Gracillis this beauty might have to be purchased at the same time.


    1. I don't think Zuneta have it in stock at the moment or at least I couldn't find it in the drop down. So, it might not be a no no for you based on their recommendations. However, if you're not really one for colourful eyeshadow, you might find it sat unused (but admiried). I think you could easily justify Gracilis though.

      I will try and get a picture of it applied over a black base. I've been meaning to do it for months but I'm finding it a real struggle to get face pictures at the moment. At least the lighting is in my favour, I just need to have a bit more child free time!! xx

    2. PS. I just discovered why it isn't on Zuneta. Reading Perilously Pale's post last night, it looks like MT is a shade that's exclusive to RBR Boutique now.

  2. Hi there,
    What is the color of the e/s to the left of Tinamou? Thank you!

    1. Hi Estelle, the eyeshadow to the left is Sweet Dust Seriema (also RBR but one of their mattes). I have a post coming soon! :)

  3. I really need to get round to getting that. The sun didn't last for long did it, really chilly at the moment xx

  4. This one always looks pretty to me, but I feel like I have enough dupes for it... Sweet Dust Seriema on the other hand, is calling my name with increasing alacrity.


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