Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chanel Precision Soleil Identite self tan for the face

I recently picked up this self tan in Bronze. I was looking for a good self tan for the face, I've been using up my Dove Summer glow and I didn't want to use it on my face (waaay too orange!). I read some rave reviews on Makeupalley.com and also a few people I know from my favourite forum really rate it too.

I plumped for the darker of the two colours as lots of the reviews suggested 'Golden' was too subtle. At £25.54 per bottle the last thing I wanted was a hint of colour!

I applied the evening I bought it, I went to bed feeling nervous about what colour my face would be in the morning. I've never had much success with fake tan without a tint to guide application. I'm extremely pleased to report that I woke up with a lovely and very believable tan on my face. You can see the results in my everyday make up post below.

I'd highly recommend this if your looking for a facial tanner. It is expensive but the colour is very good and as an extra bonus it smells nice. Hurrah!


  1. Just discovered your blog and it's really good, I'll be back!

  2. I'm really pleased you like it! :)

  3. Hi, just read your review of the Chanel fake tan. I bought this yesterday in Bronze as I'm looking for something that will give my face a natural colour.

    I did a patch test on my underarm last night and I'm terrified as it looks really dark! Can't decide if I should keep it & try it or change it for the lighter one.

    may I ask what colour of skin you have naturally? I'm fair with a slight tan as just returned from holiday. All the blogs I've read say to use the bronze but I'm just a little nervous.


  4. Hi Kirsten, I am fair too. I think I probably had a bit of a tan when I used it. I haven't used it so far this year so I'm going from memory I'm afraid.

    I found it to be quite a natural result but I think it you are hesitant then maybe it's best to go back for the lighter colour whilst you still can? Everything I read suggest that the lighter version gave a very subtle result and based on how I got on with Bronze I think it would have been *too subtle*. Hand on heart it definitely didn't make me look unnaturally dark.

    Would it help you if I did some before and after pictures of it if I apply it tonight? Do you think that would help you decide? I'm happy to do it if you feel it would help you.
    Jane x


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