Wednesday, 28 April 2010

GOSH Darling: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Or to put it another way, how pale can I go without looking like I have a cardiac condition?

I keep going in to Superdrug and swatching this lipstick (certainly the strange man that works in there has his beady eye on me, I think he has me pegged as a shoplifter!). I know that lots of people, lollipop26 included love this lipstick. However, I've seen just as many negative comments on MUA, etc. I know it swatches beautifully, but I know all too well that doesn't translate to looking good on my lips. I recently parted company with Angel from MAC as despite loving the colour it just didn't look good on me. I also keep forgetting to use gossmakeupartist's trick of swatching the colour on my fingertips with this one. I highly recommend trying this if you haven't already.

I really, really want to try a pale nude/pink lip. I look at MAC's Creme d'nude and Myth, YSL's Rouge Volupte in #1 and #2 and think they look beautiful. Yet the fear of them being 'wrong' stops me buying. Maybe one of these days I'll feel the fear and do it anyway!

I'd be really interested hear your thoughts on this, both general and specific. Do you ever hesitate over colours suiting you? Or do you buy safe in the knowledge that if it doesn't work for you, you can sell or swap? What do you think of GOSH Darling, is it a must have or do to you have other favourite Nudes? I'd love to hear what you think.

Jane x


  1. hi lovely, i have the same problem. i'm pale skinned (at the moment!) and would love a lipstick like this but don't think it would do me any favours! that's not to say it wont suit you but warmer tones might benefit you more? if you're not sure whether to buy go in and ask for your make up done. i'm sure they wouldn't mind and you could try it out and see how you felt. i've heard alot about gosh darling and it's become a bit of a blogger cult product! you could also try getting a cheep lipstick in a similar colour and see how you feel about that? sorry for the ramble hope that helps! :) xx

  2. I did the same myself but with Myth and swatched it all the time, thought it'd be be too pale but think bought it anyway. It is pale on me and a bit too concealer lip if I apply it quite thickly all over my lips so I tend to apply it to my bottom lip, lightly, and then smush my lips together and blend it all over so a bit of my lip colour still peeks through. This seems to stop it being too concealer lip on me. And also, it's a great base for lipglosses and other lipsticks when you wanna make them lighter or just kinda creamier. I say go for it, you'll never know unless you try!

  3. @alexandra, with regard to trying out a lipstick instore, I think I might do that with the MAC lippies. I keep meaning to book a lesson so that would probably the ideal time to ask. I think the GOSH one isn't too badly priced so I could probably stomach buying it and it not being quite right! By the way, not a ramble at all. I really appreciate your advice :)

    @Primp and Preen, I pleased to know I'm not the only one! Great advice as well about application. I have several pretty lipglosses I could wear over it if it's too much on it's own.

    I think I'm going to pop in to Superdrug again this afternoon. Lets see if I manage to make it out with the lipstick this time!!

  4. GOSH Darling makes me look like the living dead too. I much prefer Myth although I tend to mix it with a bit of gloss or EA's 8 hour cream to sheer it out a little bit.

    I haven't tried that trick with GOSH darling yet but it might be worth a try?

  5. @Nicola OCD, I bought it in the end and I'm pleased I did. It's a nice colour but like you do with Myth, I prefer to wear it with a gloss. I don't feel like I can pull it off on it's own, certainly not for daytime wear anyway.

    Maybe you should try it with a gloss to see if it'll work for you that way. Another thing I used it for was to mix with a brighter colour. I used it with Illamasqua's Wanton and it made such a pretty colour.

  6. I really wanted a nude looking lippy, but something as pale as this would just leave me too washed out looking.

    I got the lovely girls at Bobbi Browns in Frasers (Glasgow) to run their little colour wheel process over me and ended up with a pink lipstick that does, honestly, look like my lips naked. But BETTER, y'know?

    Ali x

  7. Ali, the pink colour sounds lovely. I'm always drawn to the MLBB (my lips but better) shades. It's probably boring to some but it's the sort of nude that's flattering for me.

    I keep meaning to wear this lipstick but as it's hard work I always reach for something else. I think I've finally realised that I like these shades on other people but on me it's not a great look.

    You've reminded me that I had a lipgloss from Bobbi Brown in Beige I think which was lovely.

    Jane x

  8. I think it is a litle bite pale, but the price and texture is good


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