Monday, 19 March 2012

Butter LONDON Victoriana

When asked to choose a Butter LONDON polish to review, I set to pouring through many swatches online. I initially looked at a couple from the current collection: I rather like the look of Disco Biscuit and Knackered, but after some Twitter advice, I opted for a colour I had been interested in a while ago. Victoriana was first introduced in Autumn 2010 at the same time as All Hail McQueen.


Victoriana is a beautiful green-tinged blue packed with silver microglitter. On the Butter LONDON website it is described as metallic but I don't really see this as metallic personally. Mind you, the colour doesn't really say Syphilis to me either! Instead, the colour reminds me a lot of the Irish Sea at the height of summer. Would you judge me if said this brings to mind mermaids? What can I say, it's the Piscean in me! Should we experience a proper summer in the UK this year, I will be wearing this on my toes and pretending I'm Madison*.




In these picture I'm wearing two coats over a base of BECCA 2 in 1 Base/Top Coat. Victoriana is quite a thick polish so it was almost fully opaque on this first coat but I required a second coat for a more even finish. The finish isn't completely level on my uneven tips but I don't think this is visible other than in close up photos. The wear time was reasonable on my (rubbish) nails.

Because of the glitter, it did take a couple of extra swipes with a cotton ball to remove it but it's not a big problem. Like all nail polishes with green pigment, I find this has a tendency to stain so be sure to use a base coat.

Butter LONDON polishes cost £12 each and are available from Zuneta, Powder Rooms and

Disclosure: PR Sample

* How many of you are going to admit to knowing who I'm talking about? Hmmm...


  1. While this polish is nice I was hoping, from the look of the bottle, that it had green-er undertones rather than blue :(

    Devon x

  2. Pretty - if you like sea coloured nail polishes you should check out deborah lipmann's mermaid's dream! Its so pretty!

  3. This would make a great pedicure too. I need to review Butter London. They make amazing polishes.

  4. ...D: I would admit I knew who you were talking about if I did. SHARE YOUR WISDOM!

  5. I adore Butter London polish, I have to admit I'd never really fancied this colour but it looks really beautiful on the nails, much better than I thought it would.

  6. Haha I know what you're talking about :p I've been meaning to try Thames actually. Saw it at Whole Foods Kensington yesterday but they didn't have a tester and it looked so shiny!

  7. I adore the color but will pass because of the finish. It reminds me of Rosie Lee, which looked gorgeous on my nails in incandescent light but a total fright outdoors, especially on a cloudy day. And it took major elbow grease to get it off my nails.

    The color is quite complementary with your skin tone ... which probably contributes to 90% of why I like it. :)

  8. i am not a fan of butter london varnishes. i have tried katie waitie and wallis and they dont apply great. they streak. leinti nti


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