Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in L303


In the interests of avoiding eyeshadow and nail polish purchases, I turned my attention to lipsticks once again. Although I do have issues with the Ellis Faas packaging, I find the lip pens are much less faffy than the eye products. The consistency of the lip products certainly isn't as prone to clogging.

When searching for swatches of Ellis Faas lip colours, L303 caught my attention. I rather like a sheer red and when I spotted Everyday Beauty's review, I knew it would be a good choice. We certainly have quite similar tastes when it comes to makeup.  




L303 is a Glazed Lip formula and it has a transparent glossy quality. It does have a good level of pigmentation but still allows some of my natural lip colour to come through. The texture is very comfortable to wear: it has a balmy feel with no hint of stickiness. Although it feels moisturising, I can't decide if it hydrates my lips but I know it definitely doesn't dry my lips. As you might expect from a sheer colour, it does require topping up but the balmy feeling is long lasting. I like that it has an even fade, changing from a glossy colour to a nice stain and it's an easy way to wear red if you're not in the mood for high maintenance.



This is a berried red colour, strawberry is probably the closest description. I thought it would be interesting to compare it to a couple of similar colours. The Kevyn Aucoin Aquarouge is a deeper more berried shade than L303 and Illamasqua Fume seems more tomato red in comparison.



Eye, eye!

My apologies for winking at you. I'm not getting fresh but my choice was either wink or show you the huge brow furrows I get when squinting into the sun. A no-brainer really!

I've been really pleased with this purchase and I expect to get a lot of use out of L303. I'm quite tempted to buy the other Ellis Faas lip colour I was interested in, L104, but I've never tried the sponge applicators pens before. If anyone has tried them and wants to share their thoughts, I would really appreciate it.

The Ellis Faas Glazed Lip pens cost £21 and I bought mine from


  1. i have been eyeing the 303 for quite some time! thanks for posting about it.

    i have the 101, with the sponge applicator. i have had no difficulties at all. though i do use a lip brush to apply it, just cause it is an intense red, and precision matters in such cases:)

  2. L303 looks fantastic on you, but I am not surprised in the slightest.

    I have a couple of the sponge applicator (though something tells me if you buy the Creamy Lips formula new they all come in brushes now ... I could swear I saw that on Gaia's blog, but don't quote me). Anyway I have L101 and L201, and they work just fine. I don't get clogging with them, even after sitting around a long time. If they get a little sludgy, I run the sponge under hot water and squeeze dry with a paper towel. I apply this formula with my fingertip, so I can work it down to a stain.

    L104 does look good!

  3. This looks really nice, I'm dying to try these!

  4. Incidentally, I tried a EF lip glaze on the other day at Space NK for the first time, but I did not get it then. It was a brick red, very different. I may have to go back now.

  5. I've just recently discovered Ellis Faas and I absolutely love the products I've tried so far! The lippies I have are Milky Lips but I want to try both of the other varieties, too. This looks gorgeous.

    Emma xo

  6. Love iiiiiiit~ I probably wouldn't wear it on its own but over another red.

  7. This is GORGEOUS on you!! Yet another thing on my must-try list!

  8. This does look exactly like strawberry juice! Love the look of it. And lol at your wink... I've been chopping the top of my face off in lip swatches for this very reason! ;-)

    Nic x


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