Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Introducing StageLine Cosmetics

I mentioned the StageLine Precise Liner in a face of the day post last month. I like felt tip pen style liners generally and I particularly like how dark this version is. It also has a more matte finish than many of my other pen liners. I find it lasts all day and doesn't move around at the corners of my eyes. I think it would be a great choice for a dramatic winged eyeliner.



Another of the items from StageLine that I particularly liked is their 'Light' loose powder for face and body. Although these powders are designed for face and body, you will find them listed with the eyeshadows on their website. I admit my initial interest in this came from the rollerball packaging! The shade I have here is 04 and it is a pretty, sheer rose gold shimmer that I find this works best as a highlighter. There are 21 shades altogether and some are more obviously eyeshadow appropriate.


L-R: Precise Liner, Light #04, Glow Up in Natural

The other item pictured below is their 'Glow Up' lipgloss in Natural. The formulation is ok and they do have a variety of colours as well as clear but I think this was definitely my least favourite of the three items.

Whilst doing research for this post, I was drawn into looking at the the various categories on the new website. There are lots of pro-style pre-prepared palettes as well as regular individual items. For products such as the individual eyeshadows and blushers, they also offer pan refills and I was especially taken with this idea when I spotted that they also do an empty magnetic palette. I think I'm a bit of an oddity as I can rarely bring myself to depot items (I keep pretty boxes, so smashing compacts is out of the question) but I do love creating customs palettes.


The StageLine products vary quite a bit in price from mid-range to high end, depending on the item (I'm not including the pre-prepared palettes here as they are very obviously pitched at professionals). For example the Precise Liner costs £13.79, the lipglosses are £14.29 and the solo eyeshadows are £9.71. The 'Light' rollerballs cost a bit more at £20.42 each, as do the Velvet blushers at £21.29. What I have tried I have been impressed with: the packaging isn't as appealing as some of my favourite brands but I think the products are good quality and that magnetic palette is talking to me! If you fancy giving their products a try, you can find a code for a 10% discount on their Facebook page.

Disclosure: This item was sent to me without cost for review purposes. The links are for information only and not affiliate links.


  1. do you think there is enough pink in the rollerball for use as 'sort of' blusher? I'm very pale so may show up a lot on me.

    1. Hmm...I think it's too probably sheer to use as a blusher. The underside of my arm where I have swatched is quite fair and even going over it multiple times, I can't get much of the colour to show.

    2. aaah ok thought so, worth trying ;) thanks (trying to find something like benefits dandelion in a cream formula) x

  2. The liner looks great, I'm yet to find one that doesn't smudge at the edges of my eyes during the day.

    The website is not very user friendly which is a shame and the £5.95 postage charge is quite a lot if you are only ordering one item.

    Do you know if any stores stock the items?

    1. Oh no, I hadn't seen the cost of postage. I have a feeling it's because they're based in Spain. I've seen that sort of price before on European sites for shipping here. I don't think there are stores either unless maybe PAM or Guru Emporium stock their products. I will have a look and let you know :)


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