Thursday, 29 March 2012

Intense Triple Action Eye Contour Cream from BcomBIO Organic

This does have a very long name and I'm still not sure I've written the brand name correctly but this eye cream is worth mentioning, so I'll crack on! I bought the BcomBIO Organic Intense eye cream on my trip to France last year. I was actually searching for their firming serum but I picked this up as an alternative: eye creams are something that are sadly lacking in my routine. I've had some strange reaction to eye products in the past and I will admit that I tend to be forgetful about applying them regularly.


I've been forgetful about using this too and it has sat neglected in my bedside cabinet for months. I randomly pulled it out the other day after another broken nights sleep and it felt blissful! I'm not the only one who likes it either. The pump got a little jammed up having sat unused so I accidentally dispensed too much and generously donated the excess to Mr MB (I don't like being wasteful). Later that day he randomly commented on how nice it had felt and he's been using it regularly since then.

I can't really comment on the efficacy: I've not been using it for long enough plus using any cream is going to make any improvement to my eye contour area as it was definitely dehydrated. What I can say with conviction is this feels very soothing and refreshing and that feeling lasts after the initial application. It has a pleasing fluid texture, it's a somewhere between a gel and a lotion in feel and it doesn't cause any puffiness. You can find more details about the active ingredients here.


If you're going over to France over Easter or even over the summer, I can recommend having a look for this brand. I bought this from the pharmacy within the Carrefour at Cité Europe but I imagine you will find it in most of the larger pharmacies. It costs 18.90€ which is approximately £16. I noticed that can buy it from and if you're in the UK but I can't vouch for either of these sites as I haven't purchased from them myself.

PS. If you fancy bit of French pharmacy shopping without leaving home, don't forget that have a 1/3 off Avene, Vichy, La Roche Posay, Klorane and A-Derma until the end of this month.


  1. Carrefour is the common grocery store you can find everywhere, this is great! I'll try it when I go back home for the holidays!

    1. Hi Gayle, I don't think it's in Carrefour generally (I certainly didn't spot it elsewhere) but the Carrefour in Cite Europe is unusual because it has a big pharmacy section within the shop. They're normally separate to the shops, aren't they? I think you'll probably find it in the bigger pharmacies. Is it wrong that I feel jealous you have easy access?! :D

    2. Just ordered a bunch of avene stuff from leguidesante and it has all arrived to the uk in four working days. Great email contact too with shipping details linked to your invoice and updates to the process sent... Would recommend.


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