Thursday, 8 March 2012

Little Bu Nail Polish

Little Bu is a non-toxic nail polish range designed for little ones. It took Miss MB all of a couple of seconds to realise this and I struggled to get a look in. As you can see below....

Going, going, gone!

It's great that they have a non-toxic formula but I think the fact that they wash off excites me even more! My children are fascinated with makeup and I have already shared some of the disasters. Nail polish is something that makes me particular nervous around small hands. If you've ever had to try and remove nail polish from carpet, you'll know what I'm talking about.

I was a sceptical about easy it would be to remove with water but in the nail swatches below, I applied two coats and it washed off easily. In fact, it's so easy to remove that this wouldn't make a good manicure for me unless used with a top coat as I always have my hands in water. Little Bu do have a top coat in their range that will extend the wear.





Cecilia is perfect as a first nail polish for little girls. It has pretty iridescent silver sparkles in a transparent pink base. My nails don't really do it much justice but I couldn't get Miss MB to sit still long enough to be a good model (and the boys pulled faces). I like how it doesn't look too grown up on my little girl but she gets to feel a bit more like Mummy.




Chloe is dark pearlised lavender. I actually found it harder to get a good finish on the nail wheel (below) than I did on my nails. I find the finish similar to a metallic in that it takes some care to achieve a streak free finish. I actually prefer how this looks as just a single coat.

Cecilia, Chloe + Cecilia , Chloe

Oops, always read the label. I totally missed the bit about blow drying!

There are 8 polishes in the Little Bu range and I think there's a really lovely selection of colours. The bubblegum pink Riley and a soft blue Olivia both appeal to me. They are a bit more expensive from your average nail polish at £9.95 each for 9ml, but I think that is acceptable with the special water-based formula. It definitely works out a lot cheaper than replacing my carpet!

The Little Bu range is available from Harrods, as well as online from

Disclosure: These items were sent to me without cost for review purposes.


  1. Interesting... are there things in normal polish that shouldn't go on kiddie nails? I always paint Lexies, eeek! x

    1. Don't worry Alice, I think it's very much a personal preference. I know lots of people like to avoid the big 3 (Dibutyl Phthalate, Formaldehyde and Toluene) and I also remember seeing people worry about using solvents including nail varnish remover. I have a feeling that some people would probably object to this formula as it contains parabens. I tend to use big 3 free polishes for preference but I'm not strict about it in any way.

      For me, the beauty of these is that they wash off rather than the non-toxic aspect x

  2. xD I'm glad they make these for little girls. I had a bad finger sucking nail biting habit >> << that I may or may not have broken yet. Let's just say that manicure days usually end up with me rinsing my mouth out a few times.

  3. These are quite cute and look great for girly little girls. The colours are pretty too. I can see my nieces loving them.


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