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Illamasqua FOTD with Vernau and Obsidian

I recently received a few items from the Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism collection to try. I thought it would probably most useful to show them applied along with a couple of other Illamasqua products that I already own. I have included swatches of all the products too.

L-R: Obsidian, Sealing Gel, Vernau



Vernau is a yellow-hued medium brown. I think it's a bit too dark to be described as ochre but that should give you a good idea of the undertone. I wouldn't usually wear this as a lid colour but I wanted to apply to larger to see how the eyeshadow performed. Obsidian is a matte black which seems to lean a touch green on my skin. Both eyeshadows are reasonably pigmented. They are not as smooth as some of my favourite eyeshadow formulas but they do blend well. I applied Obsidian dry as a liner to start with and I was pleased with how dark it looked as I was concerned it might look a little patchy from the swatch. Obsidian is definitely my favourite of the two eyeshadows.

I had a play with the Sealing Gel mixed with Obsidian but I feel I haven't really cracked my technique with the gel yet. I tried mixing the two in a palette with limited success (I think this technique would work well with loose pigments) so instead I added the gel directly to the eyeshadow pan. I didn't manage to make a true paste, which is what I hoped to achieve, but the mix still worked ok as a liner. The line didn't budge until I removed my makeup at the end of the day.

Below are all the colour items that I used. I wasn't terribly enamoured with the final look: I think the colours jarred a little and the foundation I used wasn't a good fir, so all in all I was a bit 'meh' about it. I have included a pictures though as I know it's always useful to see products applied. That is my roundabout way of saying be gentle with me!


L-R: Fume lipgloss, Beg Blusher, Obsidian and Vernau


All products are from Illamasqua unless otherwise stated.

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation in Porcelain
Shu Uemura brow pencil
Blusher in Beg

Too Face Shadow Insurance
Vernau eyeshadow all over the mobile lid and blended out at the crease
Obsidian mixed with Sealing Gel applied along the upper lash line
Masquara mascara in Raven

Intense lipgloss in Fume



I'm sorry that this is such a small crop but the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder foundation really didn't flatter my skin and I was loath to share the full face. I found it settled in my pores and highlighted fine lines, accentuating flaws that I prefer to conceal! I requested a sample of this foundation with my last Zuneta order and I have to say it is a very worthwhile service. Buying foundation online is typically a risky business. As I suspected, the Immaculate Liquid Powder foundation has a powdery matte finish and would be best suited to a more oily skin type or a more youthful complexion.

Disclosure: Vernau, Obsidian and the Sealing Gel were sent to me without cost. I also bought some Illamasqua Sealing Gel last year but shamefully this is the first time I have used it.


  1. I really like the eyes, Vernau is a colour I would definitely consider although I think I would have to test it to see if it's not too close to my actual lid colour.

    1. It's worth going to a counter for a look. It could be a useful blending eyeshadow if it is close to your lid colour.

  2. Thats the sort of warm brown that I'd normally run from, I think you can pull it off though. I really like the lip :)
    Funny you should mention that foundation, as I too requested that sample, it was extremely yellow on me, went on cakey and highlighted all and ever pore as well. I am really glad they offer the sample service as well!

    1. I do think it's probably too warm for me as a lid colour. I need to play around with adding other colours but I thought it would be better not to do that for this post.

      Porcelain is really yellow isn't it? I thought maybe it was just me! I got some of the RBR foundations too, I really the texture them but I think I might actually prefer their tinted moisturiser x

  3. I really want to see the gloss on you!

    1. I think I'm wearing it an old post where you can see it more it is.

  4. I think maybe with a nude/beige lipstick the eye shadow could work, but it is a bit of a tricky shade by the looks of it!

    1. Yes, I probably should have used Test lipstick instead of Fume, especially if I'd gone heavier with Obsidian. I do feel more at home with cooler browns.

  5. I find it a shame that Illamasqua chose these colours for you to review. Black is so harsh & although I'm no expert, I don't find Vernau an appropriate color for your apparently more pink undertones. My hat off to you for giving it a go:))
    I enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis & will start 'following' you officially as of now!

    1. Hi Buggsiebee! I think in Illamasqua's case, they prefer to give you a bit of challenge rather than simply go with safe colours. It fits well with brand image of pushing the boundaries. Vernau is probably better suited as a crease colour or blended with other colours but I wanted to show the true colour on a larger area. On reflection, that probably wasn't the best choice. My biggest error was probably the shades I paired it with and the unflattering foundation!

    2. Straight A's in diplomacy Mrs B;))
      You did a very accurate job of depicting the colour Vernau by the way. I have it and it looks exactly like that. It works perfectly to shade up & out of the crease - if you have more yellow undertones like I do. I'm using it paired with Tom Ford's metallic summer shade in 'Spice' on my lid.
      As to the perfect foundation......that is an ongoing quest for almost every woman I know.

  6. I love the eye - but I would want to see it before I bought I think. It's an unusual eye colour but you've used it really well.

    1. Thank you. It has quite a different undertone to the browns and taupes I usually go for. I still want to go and have a look at the collection, although I can't buy more eyeshadows quite a few of the colours appeal.

  7. More companies need to send you eye products since this is your year without buying them!!

    I bought the Sealing Gel and it's terrific. It's great for cake liners and dark shadows.

    1. Exactly my thoughts:)) As I assume the companies don't send bloggers their products as a welfare project, wouldn't it be wise to send colors that suit the blogger presenting them? I'm certainly not saying that MB has done a bad job at working with the shadows at hand, it's just that Illamasqua has colors which would compliment her coloring WAY better & would be better advertising.

    2. @Marcia: I think this is the first set of eyeshadows I've had since I started my ban! It was a much needed fix ;).

      I've been meaning to try the Sealing Gel with my dark green eyeshadows for ages. Do you have any advice on how to mix it? Do you tend to do it directly on the pan, I was a little worried about doing that in case it spoiled the eyeshadow somehow?

  8. Vernau looks like one of those great colors for the orbital ridge. The entire collection looks interesting to me!!

    1. Hey Olivia! I think you're absolutely right, Vernau would be better suited to placement elsewhere. On darker skins, I think it might be a useful colour for blending out too. As an aside, if you do a google image search for 'orbital ridge', the first picture that comes up is your tutorial using my eyes :D.


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