Sunday, 22 April 2012


I thought it would be nice to have a general catch up today. I spent a huge amount of time battling with technology yesterday (I won on most fronts with the exception of our home phone line) so I lost quite a bit of swatching time. I'm not sure I'll get much opportunity to catch up today either.


Last weekend I caved and finally bought myself a Kindle. In all honesty, I bought it because I'm impatient and I desperately wanted to read some of the books that were recommended to me as a result of this post. I'd finished Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult with only an hour left before the shops shut and somehow buying a Kindle seemed the most sensible solution. I don't regret it at all. Granted, it's not the same as reading a book but it is very convenient. I've already finished The Hypnotist by Lars Kepler (excellent once you get past the strange choice of tense) and I'm currently catching up on some Tempe Brennan.


In an even more unusual turn for me, I've bought some running shoes. I gave them their first outing yesterday, I ache a bit today but it was nowhere near as hard as I expected. I'm using the NHS Couch to 5K podcasts to get me started. I've no end in mind, I just want to improve my fitness and lose some weight.

Vernis in Love

Rouge in Love

I'm normally quite reserved about sharing products before rigorous testing but I'm afraid I couldn't contain myself in this case. I'm especially excited about to show you colours from the Lancôme Rouge in Love* and Vernis in Love* collection, hence the sneaky peek above. Skincare wise, I have some items from Ormorvicza* and Perricone MD* to try, so you can expect reviews in due course. As an aside, I spotted that Cult Beauty have a lovely GWP with any Ormorvicza orders over £30 from today which is worth a look if you're interested in the line.

I bought some lovely Antipodes products whilst I was on holiday (I'm a sucker for the GWPs!), I tried the Aura Manuka Honey mask last night and I really like it. I actually wished I'd bought their night cream too as it felt beautiful and I suspect that will niggle away until make a purchase.



Finally, I wanted to share something that my husband will probably kill me for posting. He was away for a conference this week and returned home, to much ribbing, with this...

The geek crystal

Apparently that bit at the top that looks like a lump of coal is a Blue John crystal. As much as I made fun of the award, I'm rather proud of my geeky husband for winning a prize. I think he was pretty chuffed with the £100 cheque too.

What have you been up to over the past week? Do you have any exciting news to share?

Disclosure: The items marked with * are PR samples.


  1. I love my Kindle as well! I pondered for a lot of time because I have an iPad and was reading Kindle books on it, but nothing beats the real Kindle for reading comfortably, I am so glad I got it!

    I need to buy myself some comfortable sports shoes before I leave for my UK vacation in 2 weeks, maybe I should look at running shoes and kill two birds with one stone. I've thought of starting couch to 5K for so long, but it's hard to find the time and the motivation with the awful weather we have here.

    I'm looking forward to your Omorovicza reviews, I have an itch to try them :)

  2. Ooh look forward to seeing that purple lippie - ? Violette Coquette and the Aquamarine Nail colour. The Antipodes Deliverance hand cream is definitely on my to try list, it smells awesome too.

    Blue John reminds me of being 10 and going to the mines in Derbishire on my first school week away. There's a much smaller lump than that in my parents china cabinet ;) x

  3. I have been debating for the past few months about getting a kindle but I've several paperbacks that I need to read before I cave in.

    Looking forward to your reviews, especially on the skincare - I am currently using the Antipodes hand cream and it is lovely.

  4. Nice purchases and congratulations on your husband's award.
    I hope you can visit my blog too.

  5. Congrats to the hubby! I want everyone of those nail colors!

  6. First I was very sceptical with Kindle - then I got one and in the meantime I wouldn't make a step without it (I travel a lot for business).
    Was ogling the Omorovicza GWP at CB - I sampled both Omorovicza's Enhancer and Perfector, but both were so awesome that now I can't decide which one to order... Am very curious about your Omorovicza reviews !

  7. You won't go back to paperbacks now. I was a bookaholic and I would never, ever trade my Kindle in for paperbacks any more! LOve those Lancome colours, just gorgeous. Look forward to seeing them swatched.

    Well done Mr Modesty!

  8. Well done to Mr Modesty! I love my kindle, Ive got the keyboard model and havent looked back. Its really handy if youre reading a trilogy as you can download the next book instead of waiting to pick up the next one.

  9. Congrats to Mr Brown :)
    Those Lancome lippie shades look divine.

    Hope you had/ are having a great weekend

    Emma xo

  10. Congrats to Mr (Dr?) Brown!

    My kindle app is amazing but you do run up a frightening bill quite easily- I had to use a copy of my bank statement as proof of id for my NHS contract and every other item was a kindle charge :(

  11. Those lipsticks! :-O I need Violette Coquette!

  12. You will grow to love your kindle and not want to use regular books. I never thought it would happen to me but it has!
    Those Lancome nail polishes look gorgeous!!

  13. I must be one of the very few that doesn't have a kindle, mind you I don't have running shoes either, I don't think I could run for 10 minutes really...
    Congrats to your hubby, as soon as I saw the award I was thinking your little ones would be trying to get the crystal out :)
    I can see that you have lots of lovely things coming up, I'll be interested to see how the purple Lancome lipstick works for you ;)

  14. I have the Antipodes night cream it's so lovely and the smell is amazing. I actually love smelling my face as I fall asleep!


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