Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Get in the mood with Neal & Wolf

I can't imagine that it has escaped your notice that today is Valentine's day. It is also the half term holiday, so I'm likely to be spending the day watching films about Marvel superheros and playing with Lego mini-figures (we have one that looks like Justin Lee Collins as a Storm Trooper, it never ceases to amuse me). It's a hard life!

Although I might not be devoting my day to romance, I will be trying to entice Mr. MB with my beautiful smelling hair, courtesy of Neal & Wolf. The Neal & Wolf signature scent was actually created by a perfume house and all ten products in the range boast the same scent; white thyme and saffron combined with a blast of mandarin, a base of sweet vanilla and palisander wood. It's alluring rather than girly and I think it's a scent that will appeal to both sexes. Which is good news if you're still at that sweet nothings in your ear stage!


The Ritual Daily Shampoo and Harmony Intensive Care Conditioner leave my hair soft and nicely conditioned. Although I often leave my hair to dry naturally, I have been using the Elevate Volumising Lotion before blow-drying. I have been surprised by how much I like this product and it's probably my favourite of the five products that I have tried. I've admitted before that I don't really go in for big hair but this adds a nice bit of lift at the roots and makes my hair feel more bouncy.


The Super Shine Spray is obviously designed to give your hair shine but I like it most of all for the lovely fragrance and think it's perfect for refreshing your hair. I could have done with something like this  when Mr. MB and I first started going out, back in those days it was pretty standard to smell like an ashtray after a night out in the pub or Uni bar. Now that's a signature scent that I'm glad to see the back of! I haven't road tested the hair spray properly yet but it is of the pump spray variety and has the same lovely fragrance as the rest of the collection.


I've really enjoyed using the Neal & Wolf products as they have turned what is often a routine chore into a lovely sensory experience. I'm terrible for not paying much attention to my hair and I'm hoping my new bouncy, fragrant hair will inspire me to finally book a trim!

The Neal & Wolf range is available at hair salons nationwide, or visit the online shop at www.nealandwolf.com. The prices range from £10.95 from the Ritual Daily Shampoo to £12.95 for the Harmony Intensive Care Treatment.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Disclosure: PR Samples


  1. Ha, the storm trooper really does look like Juston Lee Collins!! x

    1. It cracks me up every time I see that one. It's the children that added the hair, they pinched it off the Britney Spears mini-figure (I kid you not!) but they have no idea what it's so funny :D

  2. I'm always on the hunt for good hair products, especially something that works well AND smells great! What a cute photo of the Lego characters! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  3. Love the lego figures, I greatly approve. Star Wars and Lego are the perfect combination.

  4. Nothing says love like good smelling hair and star wars!


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