Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss in Secret Places of Love

Before I launch into more chatter about IMATS, I thought it would be good to have a look at some makeup. I've mentioned before that I'm not really a lipgloss girl and I have a relatively small collection. I have a fondness for the Rouge Bunny Rouge formula though and I saved this particular gloss from Evilbay.




Secret Places of Love is a lovely golden peachy-pink shade. It doesn't really impart much colour to my lips rather it mutes them a little, creating the kind of nude effect that I'm comfortable with. Secret Places is more glittery than my other RBR glosses and is packed with lots of silver, iridescent shimmer.



I wondered how similar it was to the Flamenco Lip Gloss from my Flamenco Duende Decadent Duo. Looking at them side by side, I would say that Secret Places of Love is more pink toned whereas Flamenco has more of a beige undertone. Flamenco also has a more subtle shimmer.



The gloss glides on easily and feels quite nourishing. During the wear time it does become more sticky but not unpleasantly so. Their glosses do have a slight fragrance, I can't pin it down but it isn't the ubiquitous vanilla. The scent might actually be from the various botanicals that the formula contains.

I bought this for a very bargainous £4.50 from Ebay. I have a feeling the person selling off the contents of their Glossybox had no idea of the actual value. The Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations glosses are available from Zuneta and cost £20 each. Unfortunately, it looks like Secret Places of Love isn't in stock at the moment.


  1. What a gorgeous finish. It looks more metallic than glittery, at least on my monitor. You have such a pretty shaped mouth, it would be hard for any lip product to look bad on you.

    Of course I ran straight to eBay to see what I could find. NOTHING! Not a single RBR item, lol. I've been eyeballing their fuchsia-based gloss shades and am thinkking of it, as long as the ELLE20 code is still good ...

  2. I spent a while agonising over whether to use the words frosty or metallic. At a distance it looks shimmery. And by distance I just mean to the naked eye rather than my lips in macro! I will gladly accept the compliment about my lips. I shall enjoy them until age takes the shape from me!

    I found this on ebay last year. It's really unusual to find RBR on there and I have to admit I was disappointed that so many sold the glosses from the Glossybox without even trying them. They missed a treat.

  3. Beautiful on you and agree about your lovely shaped lips!

  4. I always look at your RBR posts and think I need to try the brand . The two colours are beautiful. I really like Flamenco, it would be great for spring.summer

    1. Gaelle, I used the Flamenco Duende duo quite a bit over last summer. It's a nice pairing. I love RBR, it's definitely worth a try x

  5. I can't imagine getting an RBR product in a Glossybox. What a steal.

    1. I thought it was great too. I was shocked to see some of them end up on ebay.

  6. I get the feeling the undertones on these would be lost against my lips and that they'd end up identical. D:

    1. Colourwise I think they probably look similar on but there's quite a difference in the finish. I picked this one up as it was a steal (and a travesty to see if on ebay!) but I don't think one really needs both. If it was taupe eyeshadow, it would be a different story ;)


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