Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Jo Malone Red Roses Travel Candle

Mr. MB and I have been together from 14 years. Back in the early days, Valentine's Day used to quite the occasion, involving gifting and fancy meals. I remember my very first Valentine's gift from Mr. MB and, in fact, I still have it.

Ooh, doesn't he look young?

I loved Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet. I loved the soundtrack too and many years later, we chose one of the songs from the film as the first dance at our wedding. Nowadays I'm more likely to be watching this version of Shakespeare's play...

FYI this version has a happy ending, it's not one for the purists!

We don't tend to go in for celebrating Valentine's Day much anymore. This probably makes me sound cold hearted but it falls between our anniversary, both our birthdays and Mother's Day, so it just gets overlooked. This year my heart has been defrosted a little by the early Valentine's present I received from Jo Malone.


I think Jo Malone make wonderful gifts. It's not just the item inside, it's the presentation that I really like: I like the boxes, the tissues paper and I much prefer the black ribbon to something more girly and frou-frou. This is grown up gifting at it's best. So, thanks to Jo Malone, I'm bringing romance back!



The candle inside the elegant box is from the Red Roses scent collection. It is quite fragrant even when unlit but once lit, the fragrance spreads and scents the surrounding area. Or, as Mr MB put it "that candle smelt really strong when I walked in to our room last night". The old silver-tongued smoothy! The scent is an intense version of pressing your nose into a bouquet of roses. I think that anyone who has ever tried to make rose-water as a child will know what I mean by intense, so often roses are not keen on giving up their scent. The fragrance is apparently a blend of seven roses from around the world along with crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon.

The travel candle is new to the Red Roses collection which already includes a cologne, body crème, body wash, hand & body lotion and bath oil. There is also a new Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle. I have never tried any of the fragrance chronicles before but London Makeup Girl gave a fascinating overview of the various chronicle releases in her review of the English Pear & Freesia Chronicle. This year's Red Roses Fragrance Chronicle still contains the Honeycomb mini but I believe the Sweet Lemon and Scarlet Velvet Rose mini colognes are different from last year.

The Red Roses Travel Candle costs £22 and is available from Jo Malone stores and concessions as well as online from the Jo Malone wesbite.

Disclosure: PR Sample

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  1. My kind of gift. Jo Malone pressies are always special. Even if is just the smallest item, the presentation of it just makes you feel special. I've not tried this candle yet. My fave is Pomengranate Noir, but I can imagine this fragrance would be beautiful too. I've smelt the cologne and it is divine.


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