Friday, 8 June 2012

A Lazy M(B)um FOTD

Despite owning all the lovely brushes I showed you the other day, I must confess that quite often I will put on a full face without once reaching for a brush. Yesterday was one of those days. It's the school holidays and I spent the day pottering around at home with the children. As I failed to put my makeup on until late morning, I thought simple (you can read lazy) was the way to go.

I skipped foundation and instead opted for a layer of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex*. I've been trying this for a little while now and I'm still a little undecided about it. It makes a nice base to apply makeup and does seem to have a softening effect but I find I end up with a shiny T-zone whenever I use it. My skin is normal to combination and it doesn't seem to take much to throw it off balance. I suspect that if you found Nanoblur too drying, you would probably get on well with this.


I used the Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer* on my undereye area and to cover the redness around my nose and chin. I still need to review this properly. Overall it gets a thumbs up from me but I suspect the tint may restrict the range of colourings that it is suitable for. I keep threatening to test it on Mr MB!


On my eyes, I used another very neglected item from my stash. I can't remember the last time I used Chanel Ombre D'Eau in Splash and it needed a really good shake to get the pigment back into suspension. It was well worth it though. I applied the colour directly onto my lid using the doe-foot applicator, let it dry a little and then blended along the crease using my index finger. It had creased a little by the end of the day, but I'm impressed that it held up so well considering I put it through a 25 minute run in the drizzle.

Here's a complete breakdown of my lazy face.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex*
Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer*
Edward Bess Compact Rouge in After Sunset
Shu Uemura Brow Pencil H9 Seal Brown



Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Chanel Ombre D'Eau in Splash
No.7 Lash Adapt mascara*

Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry*

Disclosure: PR samples are indicated with an asterisk. As ever, none of the links are paid for and are provided for information only.


  1. What a lovely face. Most of my at-home days are about as minimal. I love that Clinique lipstick! It's really quite excellent that we can buy good quality with great colors at such affordable prices. Clinique is the main reason I rarely venture into drugstore makeup. For just a few dollars more I can test it. And I like the silver packaging. :)

    1. I do have a great fondness for Clinique and always loved the silver lipstick packaging. I was sent a set of three Chubby Sticks to mix and match but I confess that I saw Super Strawberry and had to put it on immediately. I even broke my 'no playing before pictures' rule. Oops!! Bad blogger ;)

  2. Lovely, you look pulled together without being "done" I like it!

    1. Thanks Debbie. I think I rarely look "done" more age/sleep corrected ;)

  3. What a gorgeous FOTD!! Super Strawberry is divine, and will be mine!! Am I imagining things, or is Super Strawberry similar to Ilia's Arabian Knights (that you have tempted me with)? You make me want far too many things!!

    1. Thanks Lola! I definitely think that Super Strawberry is similar to my favourite berry sheers. I will do a swatch side by side with Arabian Knights for you so you can make the comparison. I suspect the Clinique isn't as pigmented as AK or as balmy but it's obviously more accessible than the Ilia.

    2. Thanks! I look forward to seeing it. Ilia is available at Beatyhabit, and I requested a sample of Arabian Knights and Blossom Lady based upon your fantastic reviews. I would never have thought to request a sample of lipsticks, but Darcy from Beautyhabit told me to- so I did!

  4. Lovely! Sometimes this is all we need and as much as I love make up it's nice to use just a few things. Sometimes (always ;) ) I oversleep and don't have the time/patience/energy or I'm not really going anywhere but still want to look and feel nice. I love it when only a few things make all the difference when you're in a hurry/being lazy and how it can be regarded as a 'look' because it was on purpose ;). I also love Clinique, fancy trying their even better make up next time my foundation runs out and would love a few Chubby Sticks but I have far too many lip products to use up first :(

  5. Your skin looks beautifully glowy and healthy. Lovely lovely look.

  6. I like that lip colour!
    It's stuff that this that make me want to purchase lip stuff.

  7. I love the Clinique Chubby Sticks - great colour range and so nice to wear! My favourite colour at the moment is #8 Graped-Up. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great Face of The Day and I wouldn't categorise it as lazy at all!

  9. I think you did a great job especially on your eye look! It looks great yet not too much! loving it :)

  10. Splash is perfection on you! I've never tried Chanels Ombre D'eaus but I think I'll have to swatch this soon. That chubby stick looks gorgeous too.

  11. Very pretty look! Splash is a such a pretty color and looks great on you! :)


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