Sunday, 17 June 2012

Recent Empties

This post was originally scheduled for March this year. I didn't think I really had enough items for a full post, so I held off until I had a few more empties. I think the fact that it is now mid June speaks volumes about how long it takes for me to use things up!

The first three items pictured here are REN's Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream, John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo and Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Cream. I received the Frankincense Night Cream* in an event bag a long time ago. I liked the texture of the cream but wasn't keen on the scent. I managed to tolerate the smell in order to use it as I found the cream suited my skin (it's quite light for a night cream) but this isn't something I would repurchase simply because I'm not a fan of frankincense.


The John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo* was almost the reverse of the REN situation. I loved the smell but didn't get on with the formula. It is quite a thick cream shampoo and I found it difficult to rinse the product away thoroughly. My scalp would often feel 'heavy' with the residue and I noticed I would get spots around the hairline and back of my neck when I used this every wash. I got on better with it when used it in rotation with other shampoos. 

When I reviewed the Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Cream back in January, I had a little gripe about the price for a 30ml tube. I still stand by this, however I suspect I will re-purchase this in the future as I really liked the cream and found it suited my skin.

March Empties4

I bought this bottle of Mavala Mild nail polish remover in Sephora last year. Although it does contain acetone, I find this remover is less drying and better suited to my fragile nails than other acetone-free formulas that I have tried. I suspect you can buy this in chemists that have a Mavala stand but I haven't managed to find it anywhere other than online. A 250ml bottle costs £7.10 from Feel Unique.


These are some of my more recent empties. I'm cheating a bit by including the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Wash* as there is enough left for a couple more washes. I know that foaming face washes aren't everyone's cup of tea but they're a staple in my routine and I particularly like how gentle this one is.

I wrote about the Kneipp Pure Bliss range* quite recently and mentioned how much I liked the body wash. I love the smell and will definitely be buying this again. Like the Mavala remover, I think it's easier to find Kneipp online. The Body Wash costs £4.95 from Victoria Health.

Trying the I Love My Muff range seems to have changed my washing habits permanently. Having previously used shower gel all over, I'm now quite used to using a separate product for my...erm, delicate area. The Apivita Intimate Wash* with tea tree & propolis has quite a strong herbal fragrance but is low foaming and gentle on the skin. I was really pleased to see that Apivita is now available from Marks & Spencers. They don't stock the Intimate Wash (too much shock potential maybe?) but they do have the lovely Body Nourish shower gel that I reviewed previously.

Are you good at finishing products or do you have a bathroom full of half empty bottles like me? What have you used up recently?

Disclosure: Items marked with an asterisk were received without cost either for review or as part of an event bag.


  1. I have zero money atm so am trying to finish off all my products before I buy anything else! It's crazy how long it takes to finish things but I'm actually really enjoying re-discovering old products I used to love :) xxx

  2. I'm still using my REN's Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream. It really suits my skin too an I love the scent! Even though it has a 9 month open time symbol the product still seams the same quality as when I opened it.

    Apivita's Intimate was definitely on the shelves of M&S at Westfields Stratford City when I visited on Thursday - 2 of us were discussing how good it is.

    Kneipp has been on my hit list for a while now and what you said about the Mavala is interesting as I've been wondering if trying something with a bit of acetone that gets the polish off quicker, might be better than something you have to use lots of, when it comes to delicate nails. x

  3. Nice range of empties here Jane. I used to use REN Frankincence aeons ago when it used to be Repair Cream (I think) and used to be sold on QVC with the founder himself presenting! But times change and so much skincare so little time, I think the fact that it has an airless pump means that it lasts that much longer. EH foam cleanser is definately on my list to try though. And thanks for the link to the Kniepp which is a great hard working brand. x

  4. I really like that REN night cream, also your new haircut is so gorgeous! Girl Work x x

  5. I'm having a phase at finishing products and using samples lately. I always keep the latter one for holidays, but i have tons, so might as well use them now!

  6. I love empties posts! It's such a satisfying feeling getting down to the bottom of a product. I'm working on a few body washes and lipglosses at the moment and I'm almost there. I'll probably have to wait a few months though to but together enough to do a decent post about it.

  7. I'm nearly at the end of my REN Frankincense night cream too but I love the smell, know how hard it is when you don't like though - ylang ylang is my personal bugbear - always seems to crop up in 'sensuous' products..

  8. I love reading "empties" posts! It is always a good feeling to finish up a product. I have a bag in my closet where I am collecting empties for a post. :)

  9. I love reading this sort of post. I recently decided to go on a kick of using up every product I currently own in a category (e.g. "body lotion") before I can buy more, so this gives me hope that it can be done.
    I recently finished a Mary Kay Body lotion, alright but not great and takes too much effort to repurchase.
    I think I'll remember to hang onto my empties and maybe write a post on them soon, thanks for the inspiration =)


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