Friday, 15 June 2012

Paul & Joe Catwalk and Miaow Lipsticks

A little while ago, I expressed an interested in the Paul & Joe Spring 2012 lipsticks on Twitter. My experience with the brand is limited and I was keen to know if their lipstick formula was good before parting with my pennies. The lovely Pleasureflush came to my assistance on this occasion. She told me that the lipstick texture wasn't her favourite and as she had a couple that she was interested in selling, I thought it would be rude not to help a fellow blogger out and promptly relieved her of Catwalk and Miaow.


Top - Miaow, Bottom - Catwalk

I've never really been sure about the whole cardboard packaging 'thing'. I don't consider it to have a particularly luxurious look, however it can look cute and quirky. I say can, because I think the floating heads on Miaow aren't especially cute, in fact I'd probably go so far as to say they are a little creepy. Thankfully the paw prints on the bullet do a good job of distracting the eye.

Miaow is a dusky pink with flecks of tiny golden shimmer in the bullet. It applies almost matte (although not fully opaque) and the shimmer is invisible on application. The texture is surprisingly devoid of slip but despite this, I wouldn't describe it as drying. However, I do think it gives my lips a dry look.


Top - Miaow, Bottom - Catwalk

Catwalk is a fleshy nude peach creme. It has the same almost matte finish and texture as Miaow. I don't wear peachy lipsticks very often but I will admit that I quite like this colour. I just wish it had a more moisturising look and feel. In my head, the colour is similar to Edward Bess Secret Desire but I need to swatch them side by side to confirm this.





I'm really pleased to have had a dabble with the brand. Texture wise, I agree with Pleasureflush that this isn't the greatest lipstick formula. If you want them as a fun item or you're a collector of cat related paraphernalia, I say go for it but if you're rather demanding of your lipsticks, I think you can safely give them a miss.

The Paul & Joe Spring 2012 collection lipsticks are available from ASOS and cost £16 each.


  1. Darnit. And I was all ready to buy them just on account of the names

  2. I really like the color of Miaow, but I was usually disappointed in the lipstick formula--too sheer. I am happy to see they aren't making the bullet in the shape of a cat head anymore! Did you see those a while back?

  3. I did find these were prone to highlight dry bits, I think in some ways they could have done with a shimmered finished to give them a lift. Mind you I think the formula is different to their other ones I have tried (in the normal packaging). I like the look/image of Paul and Joe, its got that fun vibe about it, but I don't think I have found anything I completley love from the line, but I do pick up things here and there x

  4. Although I'm always a bit intrigued by the look of Paul and Joe products, I've never found anything I particularly like from the line. (But thanks for the laugh I got out of "'re a collector of cat related paraphernalia"!)


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