Tuesday, 19 June 2012

W7 Metallic Mercury and Venus (with Orly Cosmic FX comparison)

I'm feeling poorly today (the small people have been sharing their germs again), so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you some swatches that I've been meaning to post for ages. I hope you will forgive me for being less detailed than normal.


Left - Metallic Mercury, Right - Metallic Venus

I picked up these W7 nail polishes just before Christmas last year when I was visiting family. I've never spotted the brand locally and at only a couple of pound each, I thought it would be an inexpensive treat. The W7 bottles are very similar to OPI in styling, although the brushes aren't as good quality and are prone to sticking out at funny angles. The consistency of both of these polishes is quite thin and I applied three coats for the coverage you see here.

In the bottle, Metallic Mercury looks very similar to Orly Space Cadet, including that yellow green tinge at certain angles. On the nail, they look quite different as Metallic Mercury has a much darker base. The 'oil in water' sheen is lost a bit with the black base, especially with as you need to apply several coats. Nevertheless, I like the finished result very much.

Metallic Mercury



Metallic Venus has more of a metallic finish than Metallic Mercury (which is a duochrome finish - thanks Odyssey!). I particularly like how the tiny blue microshimmer gives the nail polish a lilac sheen. I think this Metallic Venus is my favourite of these two W7 colours.

Metallic Venus



Here are Metallic Mercury and Venus compared to the Orly Cosmic FX colours that I own. None of these colours are dupes but hopefully the comparison helps put the colours in context. At the very least it's an excuse for a bit of nail polish porn!

Right to left: Out of this World, Metallic Mercury, Metallic Venus, Galaxy Girl

Right to left: Galaxy Girl, Metallic Mercury, Metallic Venus, Out of this World, Space Cadet

I can't remember exactly how much these nail polishes cost from Savers, as the receipt has long since vanished. I suspect it was around £2.95 each. Although they're harder to apply than more expensive brands, the lasting power was fine so my overall impression is that they're not bad for a bit of cheap and cheerful fun. I found both colours available from Amazon and Fragrancemad.com.


  1. Pretty colours! What brand do you think is good for not chipping too quickly?

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks Claire. I'm really hoping I'm feeling better by tomorrow as I have a full day of invigilating ahead.

      In terms of chipping, unfortunately I am not the best person to ask. EVERYTHING chips on me, including Shellac! I find both RGB and Lancome polishes last the longest but I'm talking in relative terms. I can chip nail polish in my sleep doing nothing ;)

  2. I have 4 of that collection and love them so much! I was a bit hesitant before buying Mercury and Saturn because I am not a big fan of big shimmer particles, but I guess these are the exceptions to the rule. I'll be reviewing them soon, too. Venus is actually called a duochrome even though it displays a lot more colours. A holo is a different type of polish.

    They are fantastic on, certainly some of the most impresive I know with regards to colourshifts, but wouldn't it be nice if for once these multichrome polishes translated on the nail exactly as you see them in the bottle?

    1. Thanks Odyssey, I'm rubbish when it comes to identifying nail polish finishes. I'd make the most horrendous nail blogger!

      I agree with regards to the multichromes. Most do look much better in the bottle than they do on the nail.

  3. Oooohhhhhh ssuch pretty colors!!! Metallic Venus is just outstanding-- -true nail polish porn!!!

    I hope that you feel better-- sorry to hear that the small people generously shared their germs with you!

    As you are no doubt aware, I love your blog tremendously- so I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.


    Feel better soon!

  4. This nail polish is all sorts of gorgeous!!


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