Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Själ, So Good

My 'me' time has been very limited recently and this has the effect of making me more grumpy than normal. I have hit upon a new technique for making sure I do find time to pamper my face. I know it isn't novel and I'm probably the last person to catch on, but I've taken to slapping face masks whilst I do the cleaning. It's Mum multi-tasking at its very best.

The products that I have been pampering myself with for the last couple of weeks are from the Själ Skincare line. This premium, mineral based skincare brand contains some rather interesting and expensive ingredients. This is my way of preparing you for the prices. You may want to start buttering up your Sugar Daddy now!

The Själ Holiday Essentials set that I was sent to try contains both the Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask and Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (it also contains their Balans Deep Pore Cleanser). I tend to apply these masks one after the other: I apply the exfoliating mask first to a freshly cleansed face, followed by the perfecting mask. It is recommended that you leave both masks on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off.


The Pearl Enzyme exfoliating mask is my favourite of the two in terms of results. It has a similar feel and effect to the Dr Darren McKeown mask that I have reviewed previously, however the grains are more refined and less scratchy than the Dr Darren version. The Pearl Enzyme mask also dries down on the skin a little too. The exfoliating mask does have a bit of a strange and not entirely pleasant odour. I've tried and failed to pinpoint exactly what it is but it is worth putting up with the smell for the super smooth skin it reveals once rinsed off with a damp cloth.



The Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask is a thing of beauty. It looks and smells divine, it also contains some rather impressive ingredients. According to the blurb on the packaging, it contains 'Chinese herbs, silk proteins and blue lotus to protect, soften, calm & tone while increasing oxygen uptake. Gold, platinum & GABA amino acid for firming; sapphire and bio-tissue salts for cell regeneration & pore minimization'. Although it promises much, I think most of these benefits are pretty hard to judge on a personal level. Certainly, the improvements to my skin aren't as easy to see and feel as the Pearl Enzyme.

The two other items from Själ that I have been using are not new to me. As I mentioned above, the Balans Deep Pore Cleanser is included in the Holiday Essentials set and I have been reunited with my old favourite, Mineral Källa Energy Tonic. The Mineral Tonic has been reformulated and it's still as good as ever. The refreshing and hydrating feel of this mist is just as I remember. I'm not a big toner fan generally but this is definitely the mayonnaise in my chicken sandwich (analogy shamelessly stolen from the Beauty Mouth).


Although no one has said so, I suspect that the Balans Deep Pore Cleanser has also been reformulated. I find this formula doesn't foam at all and it has lost that chilly menthol after-zing. I haven't used this as much as the other Själ products as I had anticipated the cleanser would be too 'strong' for my skin based on previous experience. As this seems to be a more gentle formulation, I will continue to use this and report back.

I don't necessarily think you need to be going on holiday to appreciate the items in the Holiday Essentials set, of course, combining it with housework is strictly optional too. I can't find this set online but individually the items cost: £124 for the Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask, £128 for the Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask and £47 for the Balans Deep Pore Cleanser. My favourite Själ product remains the Mineral Källa Energy Tonic (£47) and it's something I would feel happy replacing when I run out. Previous experience tells me that it lasts months. As nice as the masks are, I really struggle once prices go above my £50/60 threshold for skincare items.


Själ is available from Zuneta and Harvey Nichols in the UK. You can find details of other stockist Worldwide on the Själ website.

Disclosure: These items were sent to me without cost for review purposes.


  1. That Saphir mask looks soo pretty! I think I have a sample sachet floating about somewhere so need to give it a go.
    I have been interested in this line but it is beyond what I am comfortable paying for in skincare although I wouldn't rule out trying the toner - I love a good one.

  2. I can tell that these line is on the lux list, through its packaging and quality. It's a must that we need to pamper ourselves with something pricey sometimes.

  3. Both masks look luxurious and I would be interested to try the tonic too. I am intrigued by this line.

  4. ohhh I'm swooning at these - the packaging and texture is pulling me in like a magpie!

    Nic x

  5. Loved your review, Jane. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great brand to try... x


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