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ARTDECO Eyeshadows

ArtDeco Palette1

ARTDECO is a brand I've not really come across other than through the online beauty community. It isn't widely available in the UK so I was excited when the talented creator of shiny fings* and curator of Worship at the House of Blues, sent me this set of eyeshadows to try. The eyeshadows come as little rectangular refills which you can slot in to their magnetic palettes. The compact shown above can hold four eyeshadow pans but I believe you can get empty palettes in a variety of sizes.

ArtDeco Palette5

This is the individual packaging. This was actually an eyeshadow sent to me by Mookie On The Bench which isn't in my compact and I'm afraid I also forgot to include a swatch. I probably don't need to tell you why Klara thought I might like this particular colour!

ArtDeco Palette2
L-R: 99, 98, 12, 205

The four colours shown in the compact above are: #99, #98, #12 and #205. #99 is a beige pink pearl. Despite the appearance in the pan, #98 is a frosted pale lilac. #12 is a shimmery chocolate bronze and #205 is an ashy brown. According to ARTDECO's own descriptions #99, #98 and #12 are all pearl finish eyeshadows  #205 is a duochrome. Personally, I would describe all of them as having a frost finish apart from the beige pink. #99 is also not quite as pigmented as the other three shades. #12 and #205 are especially pigmented and creamy to apply.

ArtDeco Palette4

ArtDeco Palette10
L-R: 205, 12, 98, 99

ArtDeco Palette8
L-R: 99, 98, 12, 205
As you may recall, I took this palette with me on holiday. It really was an ideal selection of colours to travel with. I could create a variety of looks with this combination of shades. I enjoyed pairing the pale lilac colour with my YSL purple liner for days when I wanted something less neutral.

Here's a look I did pre-holiday. I applied #99 on the inner 1/3rd of the lid, #12 on the outer 2/3rd and #205 blended on the outermost corner and into the crease. I lined with BECCA automatic liner in Goa and used Le Metier Anamorphic mascara in Aubergine on my lashes.



ARTDECO products are available online from Cocktails Cosmetics and The Garden Pharmacy. The eyeshadow pans cost £6 each and the Beauty Box compacts come in a variety of sizes.

* ATTENTION: I want to bring to your notice the newly opened online store, The Worshipblues Emporium. If you like shiny fings, you're going to love these pieces!! ♛ ★ ♛


  1. I didn't know you could get ArtDeco in the UK! I actually have a full palette with 3 e/s a blush and their camouflage cream, because I didn't leave any space for the applicator - very handy for travel :)

  2. Lovely review and swatches :-) I am quite familiar with Art Deco - hubby is German and you can easily find Art Deco in German pharmacies, so I've picked up a few things here and there when we've visited his family. I've always wanted to try the Eye Designer pens (which are a loose powder shadow in an on-the-go "pen" type of format). At the moment I just have some eyeshadows and a blush, would love to try more.

  3. I like the sheen and the gleam, the finished look is very polished. Jan x

  4. I am so glad that you like these. Thank you for the lovely mention!

  5. I really like the Art Deco lipsticks I've tried. I love the idea of their individual shadows and palettes, but you do have to buy their palettes to put them in as they are too deep for say a z palette. I have an individual shadow that I received in a goodybag at the NBBE in January and I've never used it as I find the size totally impracticle without something to hold it in. I keep meaning to make time for a Covent Garden visit when I'm in London to check them out in person. x

  6. I used to live in Greece, and ArtDeco products are a bit more available. They have an amazing eyelid primer, and I remember them having amazing bronzers in last summer's collection!

  7. @The Make-up Fairy: Yes, indeedy doody! :D

    @Yu: I only realised this recently too. Your palette sounds fab!

    @miss_violet: I didn’t realised it was loose powder in a pen. I spotted them on the Garden Pharmacy website. They sound intriguing!

    @Jan: Thank you Jan. I like how they are really easy to apply and wear.

    @Old Cow: You are most welcome! Thank you so much for enabling me to try these lovely eyeshadows.

    @Sparklz and Shine: Oh, I hadn’t thought about that. I just assumed they would fit in my Unii palette. I must check!

    @Y: I saw the eye primer and I’m keen to give it a try. I imagined that it must be good if ArtDeco is used as on set makeup for TV. I’m pleased to hear you rate it.

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment,
    Jane x

  8. ArtDeco is one of the first makeup brands I've ever tried and I still love their eye shadows.

  9. I'm a huge fan of the Art Deco eyeshadows and I got myself this big palette which holds 12 pans- but, I can never seem to fill it in with the shades I want! All the good ones are always sold out :( 218 is one of my faves! Love this post!!! xx


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