Saturday, 13 August 2011

NARS Grand Palais FOTD

NARS+Grand Palais+Applied1
We can blame my husband for the silly face!

NARS+Grand Palais+Applied2

Lancome Teint Miracle foundation in shade 02
RMK Super Basic Liquid concealer
Shu Uemura Brow Pencil
Hourglass Aura Cheek Stain in Rouge

NARS+Grand Palais+Applied14

NARS Grand Palais duo - taupe on the lid, dusky pink in the crease
A smidge of the peach shade from the NARS Delphes trio above crease and on inner corner
LMdB Dualistic Pencil in Champagne to line
MUFE Smoky lash mascara

Julie Hewett Nude Noir lipstick

I've tried both the Grand Palais and Delphes palettes now and I definitely prefer Grand Palais out of the two. The colours in the Delphes palette have really variable levels of pigmentation and the green seems to dominate the other two. As has already been mentioned, the taupe in the Grand Palais duo is quite sheer and I needed to layer it here. It's a very pretty shade of taupe though. I'm interested to try if over a base next time and may try it over the LMdB Champagne pencil that I used as a liner here.

As an aside, I curled my hair using the Enrapture Totem Styler. I was quite pleased with how it turned out, it always feels a little alien looking at myself with curly hair though. What do you think: is it a Yay or a Nay?! Review coming soon.


  1. You always pick colours that are beautiful against your porcelain complexion!

  2. These colours are very flattering and look lovely on you. I am very tempted by this duo!

    I was going to say I really like you hair as that was the first thing I noticed. The waves look very pretty and add volume.

  3. I really like your hair wavy, looks lovely xx

  4. I am loving Grand Palais! Looks pretty on you.

  5. YOu look so pretty in these pics! Yes the shadow is lovely and all but you could have mud on your eyes and still look fab. Your hair is so elegantly tousled looking.

  6. I'm liking your hair like that! Lovely as always and good to see you back! xx

  7. ooh ooh I like the look but I also like the naturalness of your hair!

  8. I really love this look on you. You look almost glowing :)

  9. It looks so nature and effortless on you. It is a very nice finish and you look very beautiful

  10. Very pretty look! These colors really suit you! The lipstick shade you chose coordinates so nicely with the rose/taupe shadow :)

  11. What a pretty look! Those colors look amazing on you! I'm going to have to take a closer look at that duo next time I hit Sephora.

  12. Do you have a look for Delphes yet? I can deal with Grand Palais no problem -- although layered over the LMdB champagne pencil is a bit intense for this brown-eyed girl -- but I wore Delphes today and it was so meh.

    I did peach in the inner corner, covering most of the mobile lid, green in the outer corner with the grey to intensify and line.

    Do you have a better way?

  13. @Noniek: Thank you!

    @Jamilla: Thank you so much Jamilla. I'm really pleased with this duo. Delphes is not so easy to master though!

    @Meeta: I'm glad you like my hair. It's rare for me to do much with it but I've been impressed by these enrapture tools. They're really simple to use and believe me, when it comes to hair styling, it has to be easy for me or it ain't happening! lol

    @Claire McDonnell: Thank you!

    @Martha: Thanks Martha, of the two palettes, I'm most pleased with Grand Palais. I do love an easy taupe!

    @Old Cow: Thank you kindly. Maybe one of these days I will treat you to a mud face ;)

    @MM: Thank you Jeanie! It's good to be back. It's taking me we a while to get back up to date with blogging. I'm so behind on replying to comments.

    @Olivia: Thank you. It's been nice to dabble in a bit of hair doings!

    @luv2smilexo: Ah, thank you. I found it so hard taking the pictures with my husband in the background. Maybe the glow is my slightly embarrassed face!

    @Monique: Thank you :)

    @Makeup Magpie: I'm pleased you like it. I really like the Julie Hewett lipstick, it's another nude shade surprised me by being so wearable.

    @Shannon: I'd be really interested to hear what you think to the duo.

    @mq, cb: I hear you about the difficulty with Delphes. I did a look the other day that I was reasonably happy with, I hope I can post within the next couple of days. I started with applying the grey at the outer 2/3 of my lid then adding the green to the inner 1/3. I used a bit of the peachy/pink above the crease. I find if I add the green first, it dominates everything. The lightest shade is so sheer though, I wish it actually had some colour pay off!


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