Wednesday, 24 August 2011

No.7 Poppy King Lipstick in Glamour

I pulled out my No.7 Poppy King Lipstick in Glamour at the weekend and applied it in preparation to take pictures. I intended to write about my disappointment with this lipstick, both in shade and texture but I actually surprised myself with a little U-turn.


I bought this lipstick when the Poppy King/No.7 collaboration was launched earlier this year. I had intended to buy a couple and had saved a number of £5 off vouchers in preparation. Like a knitwit I forgot to take all but one of the vouchers along with me to Boots. I picked Glamour as my one lipstick, a bright medium pink, as I thought it would be interesting to try something a bit different. As the lipsticks from this range are quite sheer, I also thought it might be a way for me to try something a little more colourful. Poppy King herself describes this colour as flirty, feminine and a little bit cheeky!



I've worn it a few times now and always felt rather unsure that colour worked with my colouring. It is sheer but I tend to layer several swipes to get more colour on my pigmented lips. The texture is different to other lipsticks that I own. It feels moisturising but it has a clingy rather than slick or cushiony feeling. It also becomes drier with wear. Londonmakeupgirl mentioned a strange scent to her tube of Glamour. Mine is mostly without scent but there's a hint of something in the background and I've struggled to put my finger on it. It's not the usual lipstick smell yet I wouldn't describe it as perfumed either. If you have a sensitive nose, I would recommend a sniff test!



So, I applied the lipstick, fully expecting not to like it again but was actually very pleased with how it looked. I applied Glamour without any other makeup on (hence the lack of full face image). It seemed to brighten my bare face somehow. Consequently, I added only minimal makeup; tinted moisturiser, a bit of bronzer, liner and mascara. It seems I can carry this colour off as long as I treat it like a red or other bold lipstick shade. It's usual for me to apply eyeshadow first which I suspect is why I haven't liked it in the past. I do wonder whether my lightly tanned, summer skin has helped a bit too.

I've never been back to buy any more of the Poppy King lipsticks after my initial experience. I'm intrigued to go back and look at them again. However, I'm not sure that I'm keen to buy at full price. These retail for £12 and although I've spent far more on lipsticks, the texture doesn't feel quite luxurious enough to warrant the price. I have wondered if I'm being a little snobby just because it's a Boots own item. Whatever the reason, with one of the £5 off vouchers Boots often seem to have, I'd be more inclined to spring for another.

Have you ever done a U-turn on an item of makeup? I'd also be interested to hear your thoughts on the No.7 Poppy King lipsticks if you have tried them.


  1. the photos are once again truly gorgeous, gorgeous sunny lips xx

  2. It looks rather nice, but I have to agree, I always feel a bit hesitant to pay the full price for No7 products, but maybe it is just because it's a Boots brand! x

  3. I love Poppy King in whatever form of lip product she takes and whoever she collaborates with, I just haven't got round to trying any of the No7 range at all. This does look like one of those great brightening colours. Thanks for this. Jan x

  4. @liloo: Thank you so much. I really am no photographer but I'm always thrilled when the pictures turn out well xx

    @Lauren: It's strange isn't it. I don't know whether the constant offers put me off too. Why spend full price if you can wait for 3 for 2's or £5 off?! I would like to try one of the other shades though.

    @Jan: Actually Jan, I think I would value for opinion on the quality of these because you are such a big fan of LQ. I still haven't had one of her lipsticks as SpaceNK are forever out of Saint Pink. I would really like to experience the real deal!

    Jane x

  5. This looks really pretty on you. I haven't tried the No7 range but am a big Poppy King fan!
    Nic xx

  6. I honestly think this looks really great on you. I see no reason to dislike it at all and i'm glad you've warmed up to it. <3

  7. I like PK lipsticks by No7 and especially this colour. Although your right not necessarily because of the brand but the quality I find myself unwillingly to pay full price. x

  8. that is such a beautiful pink! I wish we had no.7 in the us :)

  9. This is my favourite shade from the poppy king collection, sheer enough to wear a bright colour :)

    looks lovely on you.


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