Thursday, 25 August 2011

NARS Delphes Applied and an Update

I posted pictures of the NARS Delphes trio a few weeks ago now. I have been playing with it for a while in an attempt to share a successful eye look. I thought that I had taken pictures of the look I was happy with. Unfortunately I was mistaken and I only have pictures of my first attempt. I hope you will forgive me for sharing a less than stellar effort but I think it will at least demonstrate some of the trios 'issues'.






Knowing that the lightest shade is more glittery than pigmented, I did not use it as a base colour. Instead, I applied the green all over the mobile lid and attempted to use the grey as a crease colour. As you can see, the green dominates and the grey is barely visible despite layering. I applied a little of the lightest shade at the edge of the crease for a little sparkle. I think I also chose my cheek and lip colour unwisely here. They seem to accentuate the green and make it look more unflattering on my colouring. Black would also have been better choice as a liner. This wasn't a good makeup day!

As the green dominates the grey, I've since tried the reverse placement. The grey works OK as a lid colour but when applied to the lid the grey is quite sheer. I was surprised by this as it does not appear to be sheer when swatched. I also found that the grey needs to be applied over a primer. Applied to my bare lids, it is a little patchy.

I have to concede that Delphes has been a disappointment. It looks very nice in the pan but the colours and eyeshadow formulas are very hard work for me. I find it interesting how NARS can be so variable in terms of their powder eyeshadow, these are complaints I have encountered before.

Have you tried this trio? How do you find it? Is there a particular knack to it?


  1. Aww. I'm sorry it was a disappointment hon! I still think you look lovely :)

  2. I think Nars has a formula probem with their eye shadows. There are better shadows on the market especially at the price. Sorry Nars--

  3. I have this but not yet played. That is tomorrow's project. I shall report back!

  4. I have had this since it first came out. I agree it's difficult to use the three colours together. The sheer peach also has a lot of fallout issues. (I think I went to work one day with an awful lot of glitter on my cheeks - even eye makeup remover wouldn't get it off!) so I only use that in the corners of my eye or as a highlight, not as a base. The blue and green definitely can look muddy when worn together. I've taken to using either the grey OR the green over a neutral base (e.g. Bobbi Brown Beach Honey cream shadow) and I find this works really well. Earlier this week I wore the grey all over the lid over Beach Honey and thought it worked well. The green alone over a natural base is also good. It's a shame they can't be worn together tho!

  5. P.S. I do like to pair this trio with Oasis blush and the matching Oasis lip gloss if that helps!

  6. Hi! I will definitely not purchase. I cannot stand struggling with the pigment to create color. In fact for this price it makes me angry. Funny that the swatches for the grey came out okay, but I suppose the lid area is different from the eye area in the kind of pressure it can bear. Thankyou for your efforts and candid post!

  7. I held off getting this after your first mention about it and I am glad I did as I know I would have the same issues as you, thanks for being so honest as always, you really are invaluable :) x


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