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Rouge Bunny Rouge Face Contour Brush

Rouge Bunny Rouge make extremely luxurious brushes. The Face Contour (012) brush is made with natural squirrel hair and is the softest face brush I have ever used. Although the hairs are soft and silky to the touch, they're still able to pick up and deposit pigment well. I often find that synthetic brushes feel soft yet lack the required grip to actually pick up colour.




I have included pictures of the RBR brush compared to other contour and face brushes that I own. The RBR Face Contour brush is paddle shaped and the shaping is most obvious in profile. It's not as rounded in it's shape as the MAC 109 or as wide and fluffy as the MAC 129. In fact, I don't have another face brush that compares to it shapewise. I certainly don't have anything else as beautifully soft.

L - RBR Face Contour, R - MAC 109
L-R: MAC 129, RBR Face Contour, MAC 109
Top - MAC 109, Bottom - RBR Face Contour
L-R: MAC 165, RBR Face Contour, MAC 109

RBR Face Contour7

I'm sure I have mentioned before that I favour contour brushes for blusher application. I find it allows me to be precise with colour placement. So my experience of using this brush is mostly as a blusher brush. However, the pointed tip and shaping allow you to contour below the cheekbones with the brush held at right angles to the face. For blusher application, I use the flat of the brush to apply colour to the cheek, sweeping upwards. I find this brush the perfect size for my cheeks and it's good for creating a wash of colour.

I did encounter some shedding with this brush. It lost quite a few hairs in the first couple of weeks of use but this seems to have stopped after a couple of washes. When I washed it the first time, I noticed an animal odour to the hairs but the smell vanished once it was dry. I get a hint of it each time I wash it but it is fading. I believe there is a way to deordorize brushes but I haven't bothered with this as it is odourless when dry. It washes well, dries quickly and retains it's shape.

The Face Contour brush costs £46. There's no escaping the fact that these aren't cheap items but Rouge Bunny Rouge is a luxury brand and the brushes are extremely high quality (I also have their crease and large shader brushes). I think of brushes as investment items and if you take care of them, they will last for years. I find it easier to justify the initial outlay because they will last. I think if you enjoy a splurge every now and again, these are worth it in my opinion.

Rouge Bunny Rouge products are available from Zuneta, who ship worldwide.

Disclosure: This brush was sent to me without cost for consideration for review.


  1. Thank you very much for this review - based on the photos from the RBR website I thought the head of this brush was much bigger, like regular powder brushes. I'm happy to see that it's actually smaller, it looks great for blush and contour. I think I would get a lot of use out of it (adds to wishlist :).

  2. It really does look like an amazing brush, but 46 pounds on a student's budget .. yikes! Maybe in the future? :)

  3. Oh no brush porn alert, I am looking at this without my glasses and through my fingers, I love a good brush, probably I would just stroke it :) Thanks for the review and some good comparisons. Jan x

  4. I have and love this one as well, I didn't have mine shed though, so perhaps I was lucky. Great review Jane x

  5. My blush application is still quite wonky. I tend to use face brushes. I tried an angled brush once and was infinitely confused. xD Seems like something you should totally write on HINT HINT.

  6. @Klara: It’s a really good size for blusher. I’m so pleased that the comparison pictures gave you a better idea of the size. I think you’d really like it ;)

    @Y: Yes, the prices are high. It’s not something to rush out and buy more something to splurge on/invest in when you can afford to. I’ve been a student too so I understand that it’s important to stretch the money as far as you can. I am impressed by the number of inexpensive but quality brush lines available now. I know Crown brushes and Sigma are highly rated.

    @Jan: Well I freely admit to just picking up for a feel. It’s my grown up teddy bear fix!

    @Replica: I think the shedding is probably a one off. Neither of my eye brushes have done this so I don’t imagine it’s a feature of the brush. I sense more brushes in my future……

    @Eden-Avalon: Mmmm….subtle ;). I always fear writing about my techniques as I’m no expert! But if you would find it useful I can give it a try. I suspect it’ll have to be a video as taking pictures of myself applying blusher could be tricky! LOL

    Jane x


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