Friday, 26 August 2011

Global Free Shipping at Zuneta

The Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us and to celebrate Zuneta are offering free shipping for everyone. I'm sure this is especially good news for those of you outside the UK. Just use the code FREESHIPAUG.

I was having a little look on there myself this morning and a couple of things caught my eye:

The Hourglass Vol.6 Neo-Classic Eye Palette is out already. I have been exited about this since the Zuneta blog post about it a few months ago. It looks like a really interesting selection of colours.

The Film Noir Lash Lacquer that Cafe Makeup reviewed recently is also available as well as an expansion of the Hourglass brush range. I think the concealer brush looks very enticing.

The nail varnishes from the BECCA Lost Weekend collection are already available ahead of the collections release in September. My personal favourite is Billy Tea after my manicure earlier this year.

Billy Tea+BECCA

I also spied the BECCA Butter Balm which is part of the new collection and a personal favourite for Rebecca Morrice Williams. I love the packaging and the balm is beautifully scented.

I am just about to write a review of the BECCA Professional Brush Soap but thought it was worth mentioning here too. This has revolutionized my brush washing and I would highly recommend giving it a try.


If you need any more shopping inspiration feel free to browse my previous post about Rouge Bunny Rouge, Hourglass, BECCA and Edward Bess. Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks for this- I was browsing Zuneta earlier! Love it! x

  2. I've just received my Becca Brush Soap as I think you recommend it before and I thought I'd give it a try xx

  3. Ooh so what did you buy in the end? Cant wait to see a likkle haul x

  4. I live in the U.S. and I have been reading about Bank Holidays on several blogs, so I have to ask: What are they?

  5. @Computergirl: You're welcome. I put in a little order myself!

    @Claire: I just ordered one for a friend as well as a few things for me. I love the brush soap, it's so much faster than shampoo!

    @Imo: I ordered another of the Becca Soaps for a friend and for myself I ordered one of the new RBR eye pencils, the Hourglass crease brush and the BECCA nail polish I mentioned in this post. The Hourglass palette is still drilling a hole in my thoughts!

    @Esther: Bank Holidays are what we call our public holidays. So this is a long weekend for us. They're referred to as Bank Holidays are the banks are ordered to close on these days. The banks might be closed but we can't say the same for my purse ;)

    Jane x

  6. Forgot to say the Film Noir Lash Laquer looks intriguing! xx


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