Tuesday, 23 August 2011

BECCA Lost Weekend Eyeshadow Palette

Lost Weekend

Full marks to you all for correctly guessing that yesterday's pictures were of the Lost Weekend palette from BECCA's soon to be released Autumn collection. It has been a struggle to keep quiet about this one as I suspect this trio of eyeshadows will be extremely popular.

Mystery palette5

The colours in the palette are Moleskin - a soft matte stone, Chino - a matte, chocolate brown and Moiré - a shimmery mushroom brown with hints of pink and maybe even slight mauve undertones. I find Moiré hardest to describe yet it's definitely my favourite. I'm obviously fighting the urge to call it taupe!

BECCA+Lost Weekend3

BECCA+Lost Weekend5

BECCA+Lost Weekend6
In direct sunlight to catch the shimmer in Moiré

At first glance, the Lost Weekend palette looks similar to the Enigma palette. However, side by side the differences are obvious. Enigma is cooler and more grey toned to Lost Weekend's warmer and more caramel and chocolate hues. The colours are also a touch lighter in the Lost Weekend palette.

BECCA+Lost Weekend13
L - Lost Weekend, R - Enigma

BECCA+Lost Weekend15
L - Enigma, R - Lost Weekend

BECCA+Lost Weekend12

BECCA+Lost Weekend10
Left-hand swatches - Enigma, Right-hand swatches - Lost Weekend

BECCA+Lost Weekend7
Left-hand swatches - Enigma, Right-hand swatches - Lost Weekend

The texture of the eyeshadows is similar to that of Enigma. The eyeshadows are quite dry (though not at all chalky) rather than having a creamy consistency. Chino is the most pigmented of the three colours. Moleskin and Moiré have medium pigmentation but they're buildable.

BECCA+Lost Weekend16

I find the Lost Weekend palette is perfect for creating pretty, relaxed daytime looks. It's possible to make a darker more smoky look similar to that shown in the promo images by pairing with the BECCA automatic pencils. I really like the colours but I have to admit that I find the warm brown of Chino a little tricky with my colouring. I think this palette will certainly appeal to neutral fans. The colours work nicely together and I think the fact that you can produce different looks using the three colours is appealing.

The BECCA Lost Weekend collection will be released exclusively in Fenwicks on 29th August. It is due for national release in September. I believe it will also be available in America sometime in September. The palette will cost £35. I will do a separate post about the other items that are coming out with this collection and I will also make an attempt to re-create the promo look when my camera returns!

Disclosure: I received this item without cost for review purposes.


  1. This is lovely, but since I bought the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I feel a big guilty buying neutral eyeshadows!


  2. Wow! These look amazing.

  3. Great review! The first I have seen. I love Enigma, but I will pass on this one. I think Chino would be impossible for me to wear, and the overall effect is one of warmth. Lovely on you, but not on me. I am strangely drawn to Moleskin, but I think it would be very similar to Becca Doeskin.

    I agree this palette will fly off the shelves, but I wonder if anyone darker than medium skin tone will like it.

  4. It looks beautiful on you. It looks like something I might wnt.

  5. Hello, beautiful! These colours are really pretty. Is the brush in the palette actually useful? I remember that the new polishes for fall looked lovely as well. Did you get any? x

  6. I love these palettes, thanks for the amazing swatches! It's so great to see those subtle but important differences between these pretty neutrals.

  7. I think that may well be a must have, I'll probably use Chino for lining only, maybe a touch on the outer edge (see I am acting like I have it) looks lovely in swatches and on you, now where is September already! x

  8. Ohhh those look nice!! Great pics. :)

  9. Fab swatches- particularly the comparison with Enigma. Thanks! Enigma was too grey for me but this looks perfect. Happily, my birthday is in September so 'Happy Birthday to me'!

  10. So glad to see swatches, this looks beautiful!

  11. Preeeetttyyyy palettes! Just don't get too lost in them like Ray Milland does in his Lost Weekend!

  12. You did a fantastic job of comparing the two palettes. Your pictures are fabulous!

  13. Love. Need. Shall have.
    Thanks for the fab pics Jane, just can't keep my eyes off of them :)
    Nina x

  14. I love the mattes! I would go for this, except I just purchased the Lorac "Sand Tropez" palette from Haute Look. It was another mostly-matte palette of neutrals. Thanks for the review -- especially for comparing it with Enigma.


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